Yosuga no Sora – Moving Fast, Perhaps Too Fast For Good

Woah…woah…woah…what the hell was that. I was NOT expecting that kiss at all. And it wasn’t just some small kiss you see in many series, this was a full blown make out session in the middle of the road. I really don’t know what to think of this. On one hand it could be a good sign, I mean it shows that the series has the courage and ability to actually move forward in a relationship instead of just idling by the whole time, but on the other hand I think its way too soon in the series for it.

The reason I say its too soon is they haven’t even touched on any of the other girls or characters they’ve set up. Now this means a few things can now happen. We just go along with the girl he kissed as the main focus of the entire series, not ever really doing anything with the other characters which would lead me to think there are these wasted stories and it would be somewhat bland. Or he somehow breaks it off with viola girl and then gets involved with another girl or whats more likely to happen, which I DON’T WANT is it takes this School Days route and the guy just gets with everyone and causes some yandere, likely his sister to go all crazy about it.

I hope I’m wrong, I hope the show takes a different route than that because I thought School Days was a horrible anime and didn’t like it because I couldn’t like the main character. However I don’t see any way around it. It seemed like a pretty damn serious kiss there which means if he does just ignore it there will be these feelings of rage or jealousy floating about not leading to a good show at all. This show surprised me with the incest thing in not a good way, and not this kiss which again I feel doesn’t bode well, its close to being a series I just dont’ like, and I usually like random cliched NORMAL school/romance/comedy shows.

5 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora – Moving Fast, Perhaps Too Fast For Good”

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