Sakuno Dollfie Arrival – Third & Final For While

Well, my third Dollfie, Sakuno Uryu, has finally arrived. Sakuno makes my third Dollfie I have, and so far I plan on it being my last one for quite a while. I think having three girls is a perfect number for now, as they will all be able to keep each other company and I’m very happy with them.

Sakuno herself is perfect, as seems to be the case with all of Volks’ Dollfies, she is even better in person. She seems to have such a great expression on her face, cute, yet giving off a feeling like she’s surprised. Different form my others, so I’m very happy. So without further ado, here are my pictures of my newest member of my Dollfie family.

(Bare with the quality of the pictures, this isn’t a full photoshoot for her just a few quick arrival shots, the lighting I had for this wasn’t the best.)

Just some normal shots of her box

All of her clothes.

Sakuno’s “Casual Wear” outfit.

Shots of Sakuno before being dressed with all her clothes and wig around – she’s wearing a full body stocking I bought off of ebay and I’m quite happy with it, unlike the Volks ones that only cover from the feet to bust, this one covers everything. I got one for Yui too so her jacket won’t stain.

Some shots here of Sakuno’s Alternative Outfit, her casual wear. I have to say I wasn’t a HUGE fan of it when I first saw it but still wanted it for her because it was her outfit released on the release of her herself, but now that I see it on her in person I really like it. Right now she’s in her normal outfit but I may switch to this alternative outfit for default look

And then of course her standard default outfit. I have to say the material is extremely smooth, like silk it seems.

Sakuno stole my phone!

Sakuno resting on Mashiro’s lap. Lap pillow!

Sakuno is playing Yui’s guitar without asking, she wants it back.

And finally a group, family, shot of all three of my girls. This will be it for a while and I have to say I’m very happy with the ones I have.

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