To Aru Majutsu no Index II – First Impressions

Well it’s time for Index to return for another season. The first few episodes really remind you what this series is all about. We have some nice animation, some speeches, and some energetic female characters.


The first episode did a good job re-introducing a lot of main characters. Of course it also reminds us that in a crisis Touma can’t help but throw a speech at his opponent. Not that his lectures don’t have points to them, but he really should just try beating his opponents up and not throwing salt on their wounds. The first guy wasn’t even a big deal since at the end he was so overwhelmed by the tome he took in that he could barely move. At least in exchange for being lectured at he did get a way to help save the woman he cared about. Touma does have the ‘magic touch’ after all.

It was good to see Mikoto again. Sure it hasn’t been long since Railgun, but always nice to see her. It’s even more fun now since she is still affected by what happened in the first season of Index. Hearing Touma pledge something huge even though he didn’t mean it in a romantic sense is still a bit much for her to take. You have to love her trying to have an excuse to give Touma her number without being too obvious. Sadly for her she will need to physically take his phone and put it in. Touma is just a bit too dense for a tsundere to have any hope. Honestly it is fun to see her snap when getting frustrated, which is going to happen a lot around Touma.

Anyways we are moving into another serious arc it seems. I’m not entirely sure since the whole second episode was mostly fanservice. We had Index in the nude and that other sister getting pretty comfy with Touma. That guy has an amazing combination of the best and worst luck on the planet. Personally I think he should just enjoy the good times since bad is almost always going to follow soon.

This arc is apparently going to be focused on the magic side of things. So should expect some flashy magic and a lot of explaining about how it works. Really I think they can focus more on making sure the fights look good since with such complicated explanations I doubt many will be paying attention. I feel a bit bad for Steyr since he still gets asked who he likes from Touma who ‘should’ know that its Index. The guy has to think that Touma is constantly teasing him on this subject.

With Kanzaki possibly being an enemy this time around it should be a fun arc to watch. Somehow I think Kanzaki will turn out to be the ally we all know and she is just cleaning things up on her own. I am glad to have the series back even if Touma has a big habit of throwing out too many speeches.

OP Impressions:

It’s not a bad OP. Honestly I liked the song from the first season a lot more. The speed and vocals are nice, but I just don’t like it quite as much. Visually its pretty nice and shows the large cast of characters we are going to be seeing this season. It was interesting to see Accelerator in there so hopefully he’ll get some more focus in this arc. It was a nice change of pace when he was the pain character during that Last Order arc. Overall the visuals reveal that this is going to be a busy season. A lot of fights should be expected as the second season unfolds. Also the end just reminds everyone that the the love triangle of Mikto – Touma – Index remains strong. Hopefully it means Mikoto will be an active part of this season.

ED Impressions:

If the OP was doing a good job of reminding everyone of the love triangle the ED made sure the message stuck. Along with some flashbacks, we see Touma, Mikoto, and then Index show up for a good amount of time each. Then we just get hit by a sliding still picture of the rest of the cast. Then the ED wraps up again with Touma, Mikoto, and Index now walking from different paths to the same central location. It’s not a bad song that they used, though I didn’t think it was that special either. Overall not a bad way to end each episode.

2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – First Impressions”

  1. Haha yeah, perhaps Touma thinks it’s bad luck to be surrounded by so many women since that kind of situation always gets him into trouble. If he thinks that problem is bad luck, Imagine Breaker will just negate it for him and keep the ladies coming lol.

    Episode 2 started off the first major arc on a rather exposition-heavy note, although I felt the pace was ironically a little bit fast for me due to them leaving out a few points which are crucial to the plot. Anyway, can’t wait for the next installment as we’ll be getting the first exciting large scale battle of the season. The best part? Touma now participates in teamwork battles. That would be a lot more fun than seeing him always go solo like he did in the past season.

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