Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 03

Haruka gets into another dangerous situation and Yakumo is unable to save a soul.


Maybe Yakumo is right and Haruka is trouble incarnate. I mean wow three episodes and she has found trouble three times. Maybe the second episode was less trouble since really the ghost didn’t do anything, but still she has a talent for finding supernatural events. This time her life was again on the line since being stuck in that car was pretty dangerous. You have to love how the guy everyone thought was a good fit as a boyfriend was actually a bad guy. Hitting a kid and then having the body disposed of is pretty cold. I can actually remember him talking about his car getting repaired last episode so it was a nice tie in. The key thing is that if Haruka is going to keep getting into trouble she might as well stick close to Yakumo.

I think this episode was important for showing just how hard all of this is on Yakumo. He wants to do so much more, but he just doesn’t have the ability. Sure he can chat with spirits, but he can’t do more than that. He couldn’t save the spirit of that little boy who died and instead had to watch his spirit get devoured by the shadows. He needs support more than he might realize. The guy is pretty sarcastic and harsh to those around him, but he’s a good guy that cares a lot. He couldn’t let Haruka go into that tunnel without taking action. I’m sure he cared about the spirit of the boy too, but he has covered for Haruka enough times to prove that he does care.

Once again the series does move the developments pretty quickly. One minute they talked about Nakahara being a possible suspect and then he was confirmed. They really don’t waste time, but I guess they want to solve each case within an episode and maybe get to that more overreaching plot sooner.

On that note we took another step forward when it came to that dark group. They’ve already killed one girl and are going to keep on killing. I’m not sure why those people are even helping since they clearly don’t care about the father who wants his child revived. Regardless the man behind this does seem to want Yakumo to get involved at some point. Just wish I knew what his motives were for doing all of this.

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