Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 02

Haruka meets Yakumo’s family and encounters a ghost at a shrine.


Well seems this episode was in part used to help wrap up the first episode. I didn’t think too much about it, but they did have to deal with the possession. Too bad for Haruka’s friend, but I didn’t think about her too much when the first episode wrapped up. Still I’m glad that everything worked out alright and the friend was ok. Too bad she will have to deal with the fact that her friends got murdered while she was hospitalized.

Of course it was also important to deal with the connection between Haruka and Yakumo. After all Yakumo was fine with cutting ties after the case was solved and ending things there. On the other hand Haruka couldn’t just let things end like that. Whether she’s already fallen or is just getting interested the point is she can’t walk away. Still it’s tough to just stick around with there being no tangible reason for her to do so. This really was about her getting to understand the people around Yakumo and make the decision to stand by him even if he would make a fuss about it. Even if she doesn’t have concrete reasons there is nothing wrong with standing by Yakumo if that’s what she wants to do.

Yakumo’s uncle is an interesting guy. Not wanting to let Yakumo have that burden alone he actually made that fake eye so he would be treated differently as well. Kind of interesting that Yakumo talked to him about Haruka, though I imagine a lot of it was complaining. Quite the family Yakumo has. Nao is a cute kid and pretty likable even if silent.

It definitely makes sense why Yakumo wouldn’t bother to go home often. Being around spirits all the time while there can’t make it easy. The one place you aren’t likely to see a ton of spirits is that empty clubroom. I’d probably use it as the main place to sleep as well if in his position.

An interesting part of the episode came near the end. The overarching plot of the father trying to resurrect his daughter is still hanging out there. Sooner or later this case is going to cross paths with Yakumo.

One noticeable thing is how the scenes jump around pretty quickly. You can tell they are trying to fit the whole thing into one episode. So it does feel like the transition between scenes is abrupt due to the time constraints. Of course don’t want to spend multiple episodes on a case like this so that is ok.

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