Amagami SS – 15

Junichi gets tickets to an amusement park and goes alone with Ai.


Finally one of these girls actually took some initiative. I was really hoping to see one of the arcs of these girls in these episodes actually be the one to first go after Junichi. Sae they kind of both stumbled along, Kaoru it was fairly mutual too except perhaps the very last moment, and Haruka was all about Junichi chasing after her and eventually getting her. Ai is a great character and it was good to see that come through here, showing that she isn’t afraid to actually take charge. I do hope that it doesn’t just stop at that kiss though. It seems all too easy for them to almost forget about it and have both of them go back to being shy until the last five minutes of the episode. Ai so far is my favorite character; let’s see her be more awesome!

I’m still curious if Ai’s brother is going to play a role in this arc at all. So far he hasn’t really done anything but get mentioned. He’s obviously there, it’s not like he’s dead and this is some tragic past of Ai’s she keeps referencing. It seems though that they will do something with him, it seems too odd to have mentioned him as many times as they have without doing anything. Best guess is that he is just very sick a lot of the time so she has to continuously take care of him. Perhaps there will be some moment in the episode about feeling she needs to do more for him or things like that, but I’m not sure to what degree. If this whole brother thing will end up actually affecting negatively or positively, the relationship development has yet to be determined. I honestly think without him they are fine, Ai is a great character and they are doing fine without him, I just hope they do a good job of including him if they do.

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