Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls – First Impressions

Well I’ll say this series has quite a bit of flare. I decided to pick up this series because it had a good pre-air episode and also has quite the good voice cast. After watching the first two episodes I’m still happy with the decision to follow this series.


The action in the second episode was pretty nice. Hanzo was just getting easily handled by Jubei in that encounter. It was pretty sad for Hanzo using so many attacks yet not being worth Jubei even drawing her swords. Of course she eventually did which really ended things in an instant. It would have been pretty pathetic for Hanzo to attack the helpless Jubei after getting her life spared. Though one complaint might be that they could minimize the ink splatter after every strike. I can understand the artistic decision, but it can be overly obstructive at times.

They have quite the group of personalities. Muneakira is a pretty good guy and male lead. He’s solid in a crisis and can actually fight if it comes down to that. His only weakness apparently is to physical contact with girls, but that’s a pretty common issue for harem leads. At least his positive points make him likable and his way of dealing with his issues (chanting) is pretty hilarious.

We really don’t know about Jubei to get a real feel for her. When she unleashes her powers she is clearly a monster without match. Not to mention she is willing to finish off her opponents and also toy with them. Yet when she is out of her battle mode she is pretty peaceful and doesn’t seem to know anything. Taking Muneakira’s last name and calling him her brother is just part of the mystery behind her. Although the name seems to have historical significance so it might not be about taking on that name, but responding to a kind of decedent. Another mystery is those chains that wrapped around Muneakira when Jubei was fighting. Maybe after some more kiss power-ups we will find out what exactly she is.

Yukimura and Matabee are pretty fun characters. It feels like Matabee is mostly for comedy right now. Though I’m sure she’s the type that will easily sacrifice herself for Yukimura if needed. Yukimura does have her comedy moments, although a loli voiced by Kugimiya Rie is almost expected to. Still she is clearly an important part of things as her prediction set off quite a few events. She is also a pretty honorable person in her own way. If it meant dragging Muneakira into things she was willing to be taken in. Yukimura should be a fun character for laughs and a likable character in the serious moments.

Sen is an easier to understand character after the second episode. She is clearly a princess that has been used to having things go her way and getting what she wants. A pretty unusual relationship she has with Hanzo. Her reactions to Muneakira were really nice to see. We got to see her frustrations when he wouldn’t play around and acted completely serious with her. At the same time we got to see how much she cares and how Muneakira’s compliments could fluster her. The fact that she wouldn’t report Yukimura being captured to her brother shows that she is a rational person won’t just sacrifice people without getting all the facts.

Hanzo is quite the character I have to say. Anyone who comes along with ‘scouter’ glasses is pretty comical. She has mostly been a character to get some laughs from; such as when she assumed Muneakira was some guy getting into sexual situations with Yukumura and Matabee. Still she did put up the best fight she could against Jubei which at least showed some skill on her part. Yet she can easily get lost in her emotions, especially her loyalty to Sen. Clearly Sen is everything to her and she’d do whatever it takes to keep Sen happy. As a ninja she adds a different viewpoint since she doesn’t see things the way other characters in the series do.

Overall I think the series has started off well. I like most of the characters and am curious about what is going on. There is fanservice which isn’t a bad thing long as it isn’t all that the show is about. The music was pretty good during the serious and action scenes. Hopefully it continues well and will be a fun show to follow.

OP Impressions:

I really liked the OP for this series. It has a nice quick pace to it that gets you excited for the episode. The singing is also pretty catchy so it’s not like I’d want to skip the OP just because I can’t stand the song. The visuals are good for introducing the characters and showing off some of their skills. It does what an OP should do so I’m satisfied with it.

ED Impressions:

A pretty upbeat song for the ED. Do like using the vocals for various voice actors in it though. It is pretty high on the fanservice which isn’t a terrible thing. We do have some cute female characters in the series after all. It’s not a bad ED though it might depend on how you feel about the fanservice in it.

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