Fortune Arterial – First Impressions

I was really looking forward to this series as from what I saw of it, it looked promising. So far, I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve always liked regular school/romance/comedy series even if they aren’t spectacular, they are fun to watch but this series has that and enough of a twist on it to also keep it interesting. I’m not sure how much of the show will balance between this whole vampire thing and regular school life, but so far I think the way they are going about it is quite interesting and I look forward to a bit more. So far with the different characters they’ve introduced they have the makings of a lot of content to be this school life, unlike other vampire shows where a lot is focused on the vampire aspect. I’m hoping this balances it out.

I am a bit curious as to if Erika’s attraction to him will just be because of the blood she senses in him or something actual romantic. Obviously even if she is simply drawn to him for his blood, it is a romance anime so they will show hints of that developing but I’m curious how much they’ll balance that out with. I would like to see some characters actually be forward in things instead of slowly developing them, like other anime. I would love to see her be drawn to him for the blood but also really like him, even if she is a bit of a tsundere.

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  1. Well I think Erika’s reaction at the start has to do more with the blood than anything else. Maybe that triggered some physical attraction, but I doubt her brother’s “love at first sight” story. Of course she is probably already getting interested due to hearing him talk about her being the victim of that prank. Eventually she will be fully interested because this is that kind of series.

    Wonder how serious this show is going to be with how the first episode ended.

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