Yosuga no Sora – First Impressions

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this series but it wasn’t quite this. I really was taken back by this whole incest angel they’ve got going on, I didn’t really expect it. I knew it would be about some guy and his sister moving back to this town, but I figured the sister would play, well kind of the same role she did minus the whole kiss and trying to climb into bed. I’m still not sure to what degree they’ll be taking this though. On one hand it seems kind of one sided from the sister, that she kind of dreamed about kissing him on the table before and she’s the one who tried to climb into bed with him at the end, but then you have that scene from when they were kids and the brother kissed her, so I really don’t know what to think. There’s still some possibility that the whole show itself won’t be incest centered, but with them showing that three times in the opening episode, it’s not looking good for the show to focus on anything else. I’m just still not sure how they’ll go about it. Even though the guy kind of initiated a kiss when they were kids, that could have easily been something fairly innocent, but the girl going after him definitely isn’t. Perhaps it will remain one sided, which is honestly what I’m hoping for because I wanted to just see a normal school/romance/comedy.

I do hope that they focus on some of the other character’s stories no matter what route they take in the end, as so far it does seem like there are some interesting and fun characters there. I’m not really honestly expecting anything unique or different from the stuff you see from other series, but still to have some focus on those stories would be good. It doesn’t really matter if that kind of story has been told as long as they do a good job this time around. While they have a lot of stuff going on with the sister thing, I still hope there is other stuff there as well.

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  1. Most people are rooting for some sort of hybrid incest ultra voilent rage from Sora as Haru plays pimp to the entire school. He has a swag like no other and his hot sister is not going to put with it … even if it says she has weak body … making sweet sweet brother / sisterly love takes energy!

  2. Well I kind of had a feeling there might be some twincest stuff from this series. But I didn’t think they would just dive right into it so quickly at the start of the series. I’m not sure how the brother feels at this point. He definitely started things in the flashback, but right now I’m not sure. At least I don’t think it’s as strong as his sister’s feelings are. But I think it’s somewhat understandable for her. They mentioned her being weak so she likely didn’t interact with others that often. Her brother was an important playmate for her. Losing her family just made her world even smaller so her brother is everything to her. We’ll have to see how Sora develops.

    I have to say Haru has some major harem powers though. Almost every girl is after him from the start. He does have some history with a few of them which gives reasons for it. Still will see what kind of guy he is after all these girls start going after him.

    I think it’s going to be more than about the twins relationship, but at the same time I think that will be an important part of it.

  3. One thing I’d like to point out is if you look at the imaginary kissing scene it’s Haru that looks surprised when it returns to reality so it may be an indication it was Haru’s delusion. Also, it helps to win girls over if your a grey-haired pretty boy that’s shy, innocent and can smile with the white hot brightness of a thousand suns.

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