Amagami SS – 14

Junichi helps Ai with her math and the two of them get closer together.


I wasn’t too impressed with this episode. It wasn’t that it was bad, but it just didn’t seem to do a lot. The only thing that really happened was in the end Ai was thinking to herself that she may like Junichi, but it seemed that that was already implied with her reaction to him picking up trash and the way she was smiling and laughing with him on the beach. Still, its not that it was bad. Ai so far is still my favorite of the girls they’ve done for her personality and character alone so I still have high hopes for this arc. I am curious as to if the brother issue is going to play a larger role. They not only focused on it in this episode, but the previously hinted at it in the flashback to where he seemed to have run into Ai when he was stood up. So far though they haven’t really painted the picture of a drama situation that could arise from it, so it’s looking more like it’s just kind of filler content. I’m curious as to what will be the big push for them though, but it’s likely just going to be a slow rise like pretty much all the other arcs, which is a bit too bad. I wish things would move more…dramatically I guess but it’s still good for what it is.

The one thing that seems to continuously get me about this show though are these hugely embarrassing moments where I just almost have to pause the episode and just shake my head or have a facepalm moment. This episode had a big moment like that when he was caught in the swimming pool area. Why he didn’t just say he was here to apologize to Ai, instead yells out this weird, bizarre thing that makes everyone thing he’s a freak and scum was jut, wow. I mean, obviously Ai didn’t really take it that way but everyone else there….it just seems like there would have been a more sane way to approach the situation, but then again that’s part of the fun of this series.

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