Strike Witches 2 – Final Impressions

One of the things I was quite surprised with in this show was how little of a role Yoshika played. Sure she still had a lot of focus, but she wasn’t really the general focus of the show itself. She wasn’t really used as this super secret amazingly awesome weapon at the witches disposal until the very end. Sure there was some mention and focus about how her magical power was so great that she couldn’t be satisfied with the simple striker unit, and they’ve always kind of talked about how her magical power is far greater but although they continued to have that here in this season, it wasn’t really as big of a deal but it seemed like it would be. Except for the end, the show focused a lot more on the other characters of the group and although I was a bit taken back because I kept expecting this grand Yoshika story arc I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Overall though, there wasn’t really much plot at all, even less so than in the first season I would say. The first season they had the Neuroi attacking but they were learning a bit about them and the war, but in this season they hardly ever had a Neuroi fight, if they did it took up five minutes of time while the rest of it was spent on character interactions and development. While that wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just the way the series moved.

I really do think that the strong point of this series, both seasons included really are simply the characters. The actual plot about the Neuroi and even the ravages of war aren’t really a focus. They don’t spend a lot of time on them and if they do it’s not that interesting. However I still really loved the show. The best part about the show, the part it really excelled at were those meaningless little quibbles between the characters, small fights and strange occurrences and so forth. While all these little events don’t contribute to the better of plot, they contribute to the show. It rally just made for a very fun time of watching and in the end that’s all I care about, if it was a fun show to watch and this definitely was.

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