Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ – Final Impressions

While on one hand this series was quite, well, ridiculous it wasn’t without its merits. Still, it’s hard to talk about this show without pointing out some of those flaws because they are really just quite funny. Of course the major gripe about the show is honestly the pacing. While there are issues of how all the characters have enormously huge proportions and how they spend half their time fawning over the main character, it’s not my biggest problem. Sure there are shows that don’t do this and are great shows, and shows that generally have this kind of set up are less than amazing but it’s something that I have effectively accepted about the show. If the show has good enough others aspects to it then that can be forgiven.

However while the show does have these moments like showing physics where a single punch causes clotting to disintegrate and such, it has this other quality to it. The show has this really interesting premise. This whole idea of this battle royale between this advanced alien life form was interesting. I want to know more about it. About how the original five or six are different from the other single digits who are then in turn different from the others, this whole number 8 and 88 thing, what number 1’s background is like, why these aliens are here, why and how are the battles going to turn out, how are they going to deal with the chance they may have to fight each other, all of these things. This premise that this show has set up has this amazing potential that quite honestly is horribly horribly wasted on this show.

I really hoped that with a second season they would be able to just jump right into these topics but still they managed to spend 3/4 of the time introducing new characters and doing practically nothing. They still didn’t focus as heavily on the best parts o the show. Instead they did focus on these ecchi slapstick moments or rehashing the same thing about not wanting to be winged, but I have to, but I don’t want to, but my body is telling me I have to, what will I do? You just want to use me? No I don’t, oh, well then ok. Same damn thing they’ve already dealt with. It’s one thing to introduce the characters and I honestly don’t have a huge issue with the number of Sekirei the guy has but when there is so much they could be focusing on, to spend as much time as they did on introducing the characters and focusing on smaller things is just such a waste.

It’s not that this show is bad; it’s that they executed the show badly. It has so much potential that is wasted. I really hope the manga is better because I do want to see how the plot turns out, because yes, there is plot here in the show, they just don’t do anything with it.

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