Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 01

Haruka turns to Yakumo for help after her friend is possessed by spirits.


I think this was a really good first episode. They managed to put Haruka’s case into one episode which will let them move forward from this starting point. We got to see the case from start right to the very end. I like how things didn’t start out so smoothly with Haruka and Yakumo. Seeing him cheat those guys for money obviously soured her on the whole thing especially when he was asking for money. Even with just the down payment he would get decent cash if he was just scamming her. I think Yakumo both respected that she saw through the trick and didn’t want to leave her be after seeing her sister’s spirit. It’s a good thing he didn’t leave her alone or she would have been killed as well.

The fact it was the teacher wasn’t too hard to figure out. I admit it took me a bit to really suspect him. But I think the key to this episode wasn’t the mystery, but introducing the characters and setting things up. It did a good job since Haruka and Yakumo have met and Yakumo’s abilities were demonstrated. I’m glad that stupid teacher is going to jail after all the people he killed. What a twisted guy to just massacre those who went to his killing site. I suppose his fears were that if nothing happened to that group then more people would dare to show up there and the bodies might be discovered.

I liked the resolution between Haruka and her sister. It was introduced pretty fast, but it’s the kind of story that doesn’t need much time to understand. I mean it was easy to understand how Haruka felt in the past and present. Having a really talented sister who got a lot of attention when you were twins would be tough; nothing evil with wanting to be a little mean. Certainly she never intended for her sister to get hit and killed like that. All she must have wanted was to make her chase the ball a little. Having to carry the grief and guilt for years must have been horrible. I can understand her sister not being able to leave knowing how Haruka felt about the incident. It’s good that they got to talk a little and they both can move on from it.

I think this was a good start to the show. There are a lot of questions, but considering it’s only the first episode that’s how it should be. Things should be interesting since at the start Yakumo asked Haruka if they were friends or lovers and the obvious answer to both was no. Don’t think at the end of the show that the answers will remain the same.

OP Thoughts:

Well I thought the OP for this one was solid although not amazing. The song had its more calm moments, but also its high tempo. It’s actually a pretty catchy song so won’t mind watching the OP for this series. It does a good job showing the main characters and giving their names. Also the OP kind of hints at how hard things are for Yakumo. Though I think anyone that can see spirits would have some difficult memories. But the hand reaching out for Yakumo near the end shows that he won’t be going through things alone.

ED Thoughts:

This is the kind of ED I like. It is a peaceful song that kind of brings you back down after a good episode. Honestly it is a nice song to listen to and like the OP I won’t really mind watching it at the end of each episode. The images are pretty interesting for this one though. It’s a series of family photos. They range from an elderly couple in a hospital to a father and his son. Feels like bonds and family will be an important thing for this series. I’m not sure if those people are all random or if they are characters that will come into the show. In the background behind the pictures are Yakumo and Haruka. Yakumo is upright while Haruka is upside down and they slowly move toward each other. It’s a nice and simple effect.

3 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – 01”

  1. I agree that it was a good first episode – though not overly impressive, it’s enough to make me want to see the next episode. I hadn’t realized it till I read your review, but they did cover a lot of ground this first episode, including the introduction of the two main protagonists and who appear to be the main antagonists at the end of the episode. Still not too sure what to expect but it seems like there’s going to be an over arching storyline rather than a per episode mystery to solve which, for now, keeps me interested.

  2. I agree the first episode wasn’t over the top amazing, but it was good enough to make you want to watch the next episode. Concerning the opening I was a little surprised because I thought that it would be one of those japenese dethmetal openings like dethnote. I really don’t know what to say about the anime as a whole itself……I was also really happy to see that the “case” didn’t span over 2-4 episode, but was just contained in one episode.

  3. @blindability
    Yeah it was the kind of episode that didn’t blow me away, but started things off on the right foot. I got a feel for the main characters and a peak at the likely villains of the series. If it was going to be just focused on going from mystery to mystery it probably wouldn’t be as interesting. Hopefully it turns out to be a good show.

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the OP myself. But I really wouldn’t have been surprised if it was that kind of opening considering the style of the previews. Glad they didn’t have this opening situation take too long since I’m sure the important things will come after the main characters have met and solved that case.

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