Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu – Midway Impressions

At this halfway point we really have seen a lot from this series. The political landscape of the world is becoming more clear as is how many forces are at work. As expected the series has had some serious moments and given a solid amount of action. There has been a lot more focus on Sion and his group than I had originally thought. Although it’s not like Ryner and Ferris have been sitting around doing nothing either. The interactions of the different groups has been interesting to watch.


I like that the series has made even the villains have some depth. It seems the series will run into a confrontation between Roland and Gastark. Yet the leaders of both countries don’t seem like bad guys and those who serve them are mixed bags as well. With guys like Miran and Lucile it’s not like Sion is surrounded by pure people. It matches up against those of Gastark who follow the willingness to kill for a greater goal. Right now Sion is doing his best to not require sacrifices, but they have been made. It’ll be painful as he struggles against making the decisions that Gastark’s king has been willing to make. The power balance looks bad with Gastark slowly moving it’s way toward Roland while Sion is busy just pulling his own country together.

While they have been fighting Ryner a lot I can’t help feel bad for Sui and Kuu. I mean dying is one thing, but for Sui to lose both his arms… that is pretty harsh. Of course the first time he called it onto himself and the other he was about to kill a little girl. Honestly I’m amazed that I feel bad for him (must be weak against people in pain) and that Ryner let him go. But I guess for Ryner the result was alright; Arua is looking stable and Kuku has been rescued. I’m sure Milk and company will be capable of handling things from there. Sion will take care of Arua and hopefully set him up someplace where his Alpha Stigma won’t be tempted to run wild.

I have to say it was nice to see Kiefer again. With how people kept getting killed early on I was worried about her leaving Roland. It seems she has gotten into quite the dangerous situations along the way. She is also trying in her own way to do the right thing though it’s never easy. Her knowledge of two kinds of magic makes her a pretty strong character. It was pretty hard to watch her flashback knowing how much she lost. Her older sister getting killed like that and then seeing her younger sister knowing what fate awaited her. It’s amazing that she turned out to be a good person. I’m sure some thanks lays with Ryner though it wasn’t his intention at all. While I like Ferris honestly I hope things work out for Kiefer.

The different forces in the world really can amaze you. Crystallized Alpha Stigma and also Rule Fragments change the playing field for normal people. I was surprised that there were more users of Alpha Stigma other than Ryner. It seemed like something so special that there should only be one user alive at a time. But somehow it appears Ryner’s Alpha Stigma is different from everyone else and holds a special darkness. The different names for the Hero Relics makes me wonder about whether Gastark knows more about these weapons. They certainly have a few in their possession though the balance is shifting. The dagger was taken by Miran and he still has his own shadow ring. The race for these objects will affect the balance of the world though it is already unstable with Gastark on the move.

One thing I wish the series would cut back on is the Ryner abuse from Ferris. It has long since lost comedy value. The good thing is that there isn’t as much of it and it might be due to seeing what darkness Ryner has had to live with. Though the taunting verbally may never truly cease.

Overall I have to say the series is moving in an interesting direction. The political issues for Sion have had more focus than I had anticipated, but at the same time they are pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing all the forces at work continuing to interact and also when Ryner meets up with Kiefer again. Hopefully the series continues to show some nice action and I can’t wait to see where the story is going to go.

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