Amagami SS – 13 [Ai Arc Start]

After Junichi runs into one of Miya’s classmates in the park, he continues to have various encounters with her.


Ai really seems like a fun and great character. I thought it would be kind of boring and predictable with her, some sports-girl archetype tsundere but it wasn’t really like that at all. She hasn’t really sown much of being a tsundere at all and so far hasn’t shown many of the typical sports-girl clichés. She’s quite a refreshing character. The way she seems rather open and fun, not being really shy, mentioning causally how Junichi is cute and poking jokes at him referencing things that have happened, she seems like an actual person, however odd that is to say and so far I’m impressed.

I’m not quite sure where the arc itself is really headed. I kind of thought that it would be something where Ai really disliked him for a while before coming to like him, but even though there seemed to be some slight understanding at the beginning, already it seems to have been overcome and she seems to be rather openly showing signs of liking him. I really hope, although I didn’t necessarily expect it, that she is open about feelings. So far we haven’t really had a character that opening stated she likes the guy from the beginning and went on from there, which could be possible here. Regardless of what they do however I have high hopes because so far she is my favorite character with just one episode.

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