Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition Arrival

Well I just got in the mail my Final Fantasy XIV Collecters Edition. I played the beta for this game and really did love it, and have been looking forward tot he game itself. I had plenty of time for the pictures while it was patching the game on opening day. If anyone else plays the game I would love to see you in-game, I’m on the Kashuan server, I’m the officer of a Linkshell we had set up months before the game came out.

Anyways, here’s some more pictures of the games and my two Dollfies unboxing it, getting ready to play.

Mashiro getting ready to play the game, using a controller in edition to the keyboard.

While Mashiro mans the controller, Yui’s got the typing ready to go.

Yui is ready with all of her snacks for the gaming marathon, that’s all she needs to have fun with it.

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