High School of the Dead – Final Impressions

This series has been busy developing relationships and showing the terror of a zombie hoard.


There is no doubt that Takashi has both Saeko and Rei available to him if he decides to act on it. Creating this situation with the main fighting force of the girls says something about the guy. Rei is obviously the girl he wanted all along though he lost her to Hisashi for a few reasons. Now Rei is there and willing to do whatever it takes to keep Takashi’s focus. That kind of focus is hard to keep with his relationship toward Saeko growing. I think both could live with Takashi being involved with both of them. This is a zombie apocalypse and it’s hardly likely either can just walk off and find someone else if rejected.

I was wondering how the series would handle the final episodes. It seems they did decide to just end it with leaving Takagi’s home. You feel for Takagi since while they found her family it’s very likely they are both dead. Those two were insane fighters, but they could only fight against a zombie group that large for so long before being overwhelmed. Now they have to go and find the other families and hope they have somehow survived. The likelihood that they are all fine would normally be low, though with this series anything is possible. If that nurse can survive than anyone can.

The fate of Shido is uncertain. He seems like the type that will come back to cause trouble in the future. At the same time he is hardly in a position to do much harm. Shido has lost his transportation, his cult is useless in a fight, and Shido is unarmed. It’s more likely that guy is already dead or will die soon. If he could survive maybe he could grow his cult, but I can’t see him jumping back into things any time soon.

Final Words:

This series has moved along as I expected it too. Now I was a little surprised at the incredible fanservice they threw in at times. I mean bullets going between oddly maneuvering breasts was just weird. I wasn’t really bothered by things like panty shots since I focused more on what was going on at the time. This definitely wasn’t a series for those who didn’t like fanservice, but they should have known that going in.

The OP was solid and I enjoyed listening to it each episode. I think the music overall was solid and wasn’t there when the time was right. Visually the series wasn’t too bad though again they had some weird physics occurring at times.

The cast overall was pretty solid. The nurse could seriously go die in a ditch and I wouldn’t care. She was just the token adult who could drive and maybe her personality was like that so she wouldn’t overshadow the real main characters. I liked the addition of Alice since she is a living reminder of why they can’t abandon their humanity. She is going to be twisted like anyone else, but it’s important not to lose who they are or else surviving is almost pointless.

This show took us from the moment the world went to hell to days after it. In just a short amount of time people have changed dramatically. This series really was about the main cast and how they reacted to this situation. It’s an extreme situation and we’ve seen how people can snap, create cults, and even kill other humans. It was a fanservice filled series, but there are lessons to learn about how we might react if the impossible happened.

I’d give this series a 7.5/10. It was solid and was as advertised.

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  1. HOTD was better than I thought it would be though not as good as I liked. Not big on “fanservice” as I don’t think it advances the story.

    I agree about the airhead nurse. She would have made quite a meal for the undead if she got killed off. Now if they could teach Alice to drive …..

    I liked the series more than the movies out there. Probably because it was an anime & thus was “different”.

    My take on the series here: http://jaysteevee.blogspot.com/2010/12/not-so-hotd.html

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