K-On!! Second Season – Final Impressions – A Show I Truly Loved

There was a part of me that didn’t want to watch this episode. This same phenomena happens occasionally with some shows, I’ll eagerly and enthusiastically watch and enjoy episodes all season long, but come the last episode I stare at it with disdain. Not because I don’t like it, far from it. It is because I really don’t want it to be over. Looking that last episode sitting on my hard drive ominously labeled 24 [END] or what have you just makes me stop and not want to click it. if I don’t watch the last episode, it won’t be over, and that’s what I really wanted with this show, I wanted it not to be over. Even if they do have an OVA episode after this, an extra episode this episode turly was the end, the way it wrapped up.

K-On isn’t my all time favorite show. Series like ef and Clannad still rank up there above it I think, but K-On came pretty damn close and is safely nestled up in the ranks of my favorites. I really truly love the show, yet for no particular reason. It’s hard to really say what about it makes it resonate so strongly with me and causes me to love it so. As Yui said in one episode, it just has this “Aura” to it.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who hate the show for some reason, criticizing its character design or the focus of the show but to those people I say, ” I don’t give a fuck” I really don’t. I like the show. Say what you will about it, feel what you will about it but I don’t care. I like it too much to care about any negativity other people are trying to press on. To me, what makes a great anime isn’t the characters, the plot, animation, focus, design, or anything like that. What makes a great anime to me is if I enjoy watching it. if I have a fun, or emotional time watching it, based of course on the genre. Its the feeling from watching the show that matters. yes the characters, plot, dynamic relationships contribute to those factors, but they don’t matter in the end. What matters for a show like this is if you had a fun time watching it, and I did. I sure as hell did.

This show was really about nothing, yet at the same time about something very important. It wasn’t about music, it wasn’t about forming a club, or anything like that. The show was about friendship. Now it didn’t take this topic and try and do a dramatic spin on it with scenes of someone screaming in the rain about why someone wasn’t there for so and so when they needed them, it was light hearted but that didn’t make it any less important or have any less of an impact. You would watch these characters doing the smallest of things. They would just be hanging out, nothing outrageous, just casual interactions. They weren’t jokes set up for big laughs, they weren’t quips about modern life, they were just friends spending time together. Now, through the personalities it added much humor which was great, but it just showed this innocence of friendship.

Overall all I can say is I loved this show and am truly sad to see a show I love end. Its good that it won’t be horrible dragged on and ruin any of it, I think its fine the way it is but its still sad to see it go. You can discuss in depth meanings or criticize it for whatever but the bottom line is there was never a time when I sat down to watch an episode that I didn’t leave with a big smile on my face, and that’s all that matters.

2 thoughts on “K-On!! Second Season – Final Impressions – A Show I Truly Loved”

  1. dang it, I didn’t want to like K-on because it’s a slice of life show but in the end it got me. I kept on coming back for more and ended up enjoying the show.

  2. I totally agree, K-ON was about friendship, and focused on a peaceful life, nothing dramatic or angry or angsty.

    I’ve always had a feeling that maybe not all, but many haters of the show precisely hate the message that K-ON has, this focus on good will and friendship and happiness. Why? Don’t ask me, although I can guess why they hate it.

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