Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 12 [Final]

Ryoushi is asked out on a date and Ryouko ends up following him.


Well this episode really was about Ryoushi and Ryouko. Sadly at the end Ryouko still wasn’t able to say anything to Ryoushi about her feelings. Sure it’s fine by Ryoushi, but still disappointing to end things on that note.

This episode did show how Ryoushi has grown from that terrified guy to someone who can take charge of a situation. Once he realized how bad the situation was he just called in all the help he could and resolved the problem. Ryoushi is also fighting a lot closer to the front lines than he used to. Sure he’s still using the sling, but that’s his weapon and he’s very good at doing damage with it. He hasn’t completely lost his phobia, but it’s been nice to see him grow and have fewer attacks of panic.

There isn’t a great deal to say about the episode itself. Every character was acting like themselves and the biggest development was Ryouko admitting to another person her feelings. Sure it was a denial of disliking and not proclaiming her feelings, but it was as close as Ryouko is going to get right now. Ringo is having fun watching Ryouko and trying to push her towards Ryoushi.

Final Words:

This series has shown more development for the characters than I thought it would. The cast of Otogi Bank got a lot of episodes focused on their histories which added to the feel of the series. It was mostly a case of dealing with the problems of various students and Bank members. There was the danger of Hitsujikai, but that only showed up in a few episodes.

Maybe one of the greatest disappointments was the lack of conclusion with Hitsujikai. Ryouko never really had the chance to stand up to him and Ryoushi didn’t get to finish his fight either. It was just left as something to be resolved later. It probably relates to the source material and maybe hints at a sequel down the road. Still Ryouko’s past with Hitsujikai felt like something that was built up and then not really dealt with.

A key focus of the story was Ryouko and Ryoushi. It’s too bad that their relationship still hasn’t gone to the next level thanks to Ryouko being unable to be honest. The best she can do is try to resist hitting him when she gets embarrassed. You can’t fault Ryoushi since he has confessed numerous times throughout the series and has tried to keep improving himself. Ryouko has a way to go in her development. She got captured quite a few times in the series and is pretty weak when it comes to emotional issues. It is part of her character, but it’s something that she still needs to work on. Too bad she couldn’t confess herself since it would have been a nice way to end things.

The series was pretty stable all the way through when it came to things like animation and music. It wasn’t the most visually impressive series, but that allowed it to avoid having absolutely horrible episodes. The OP/ED were a good combination that didn’t make me want to skip by them.

Overall this was a pretty solid series. We got some laughs from the characters and the narration. The series let us get to know the various Otogi Bank members and understand their pasts. It was more serious at times than I might have expected which helped make the characters more likable. Not everything gets resolved, but there is always room for a sequel down the road.

A reasonable 7/10.

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