Amagami SS – 12 – Sae Arc Finale

Sae and Junichi compete in the best couple contest at school and it leads to them spending more time together.


I really loved this arc in general. There was nothing particularly special about it, nothing that kind of dealt with dramatic issues or transitioning from a long term relationship to the next level like Karou, or dealing with persistence and rejection like Haruka’s did, this was simple, yet fun to watch. It just had this general feel of being a sweet story of two people who fell in love, not dealing with things like existing friendships or drama, just a simple story and it really did work.

It did help that Sae was incredibly cute, but not just I a physical way. She was incredibly shy yet not quite the same clichéd shy you always see. She had a strength to her, the way she continued to work hard at getting a job, at spending time with Junichi. She was a strong person too, and it was endearing to see her do what she did. That’s where the real strength of this arc came from was simply that Sae was quite strong for being a shy person, going after Junichi and realizing her feelings, so it was fun to see.

I’m not quite sure what to expect from the next arc, with Ai. The three girls left were the three I had the haziest idea of what they would be about. They’ve already kind of did a tomboyish tsundere character with Kaoru, which seems to also fit Ai so they can’t really repeat that, it will have to be something different. I can only assume that perhaps it will have to do with her actually disliking Junichi at the start, as they haven’t really dealt with that before. Even with Haruka rejecting him it wasn’t because she disliked him, so likely Ai’s arc will be about her having a bad impression of him and slowly changing her mind to realize she has feelings.

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