Amagami SS – 11

After helping Sae get a waitress job, she continues to want to spend more time with Junichi.


So far this arc has been moving rather slowly I did say the same thing about Kaoru’s arc too, it may just be because Haruka’s route set a kind of hard bar in that there was a lot to fit in. For the most part though this arc being one sided makes the progress slower, but at least it’s still there. I am a bit disappointed in how oblivious Junichi is about Sae’s now apparent feelings. Previously I could understand, as she wasn’t too sure herself and didn’t really show many obvious indications of liking him but the fact she wants to be in a best couple contest with him, let alone all the other stuff she’s spouting should be a pretty big clue. He didn’t really seem to be this oblivious in Kaoru’s arc so I’m not sure why he’s being portrayed like this here.

Despite any problems the arc does have, I have to say that I still find Sae and the small things she is doing just absolutely incredibly cute. It’s a bit surprising but for someone who is so shy she is also in a way rather straightforward, asking to be in the contest, asking to hold hands, and so on. She’s shy, but seems to just be trying her absolute hardest to confront her feelings and seeing her do that is very fun to watch, as she’s quite interesting in her conviction to do something despite being shy when doing it. I was hoping for a bit more from Miya in this arc though. I figured that perhaps Sae could confide in Miya and that she would help her along and so on, as she can’t really fit well in any other arcs. For the most part though, this arc is doing well because despite being a typical shy character, Sae is showing a lot of conviction making her even more cute than normal, but also interesting to watch.

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