Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 11

The captured Otogi Bank members are rescued and strike back.


This episode went a bit differently from how I expected. I kind of thought the action would stretch out for a couple episodes to finish things off. Instead everyone got rescued within the one episode and set things up for taking on Hitsujikai. I guess it makes sense in some respects since having Ryoushi just rescue Ryouko without her doing anything might not feel right. It’s good that Ryoushi is stepping up, but I kind of want him to stand beside Ryouko and not just fight in her place.

They did manage to resolve a few things in this episode. Otohime and Usami resolved their problems and should be solid friends now. I’m not sure that Usami really had much reason to bully Otohime, but no point dwelling on the past I guess. I was impressed by Tarou to ignore all those girls (eventually) and go to Otohime’s side. While she can be a bit possessive it’s clear that he does care for her above anyone else.

At least we know that Neko was a good guy after all. I doubted his motives before, but it’s clear why he approached Ryoushi. I don’t think he needs to blame himself so much anymore and can move forward. Those tips did help Ryoushi out though it seems that he might have been in trouble if the fight had continued for much longer.

Now I guess it’s all about seeing Otogi Bank make Hitsujikai pay and to see how far Ryoushi and Ryouko get in their relationship. It’s clear that Ryouko has fallen for Ryoushi, but hard to say if she will admit it before the series is over.

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