Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 10

Otogi Bank has a sale and some members are taken captive.


Well we are definitely getting into the last arc now with this attack on Otogi Bank. It was pretty obvious that Reiko was an enemy. I mean even the result Alice found on her seemed to confirm that. If her personality changes with her boyfriend then getting together with a manipulative guy like Hitsujikai will make more manipulative. Plus running into Ryouko and having a similar past (being used by Hitsujikai) seemed to make it clear. It was good that Ringo and the others took some steps to guard Ryouko but sadly it just wasn’t enough.

Hitsujikai is a pretty clever person. He pushed them into the sale they were doing to build up favors for an emergency. Then when everyone was spread out and vulnerable he struck capturing quite a few of them including Ryouko. Now there are only a handful of them free and able to take action. First they will need to rescue everyone and then push to save Ryouko who will be the hardest to recover.

I’m not sure about Ryoushi’s training. It might have been part of the plan to keep him separated from Ryouko, or it could just be a random act of kindness since it is helping him. If Ryoushi can overcome his phobia he could stand right beside Ryouko and fight with her more effectively. Though his sling is a good weapon there are bound to be times when he will need to step forward and fight.

Hitsujikai made the first move and it’s time to see how Otogi Bank will respond.

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