Amagami SS – 10

Junichi continues to train Sae to become a waitress.


So far Sae’s arc has been interesting, but it also feels like its lacking a bit something as well. I like the idea of her story, and I think her character is fine but so far it just seems like things are progressing slowly. Although it’s to be expected when two character just meet, comparing it to the other arcs at this point there was already a bit more, like characters realizing to themselves they like the other person or some kind of drama involving one of them pursuing the other. For the most part, this arc doesn’t have that yet. Now, Sae did however mention at the end there that she doesn’t want to just be his sister and the narrator mentioned something about why she wants to continue training, it still seems a bit weak in that area. It needs a bit more, like Sae actually mentioning her feelings out loud, otherwise I think going to slow is going to hurt the arc.

I was a bit surprised to see that Sae acknowledged some of these feelings to herself though. I always kind of imaged this arc being something where Sae was the one to have feelings first, but to be actually doing anything at all about them isn’t something I quite expected, but something I very much like. I would love to see her be a bit more open about her feelings, creating a kind of opposite of the Haruka arc where the girl is the one who has feelings first and makes the guy fall in love with her.

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