Amagami SS – 09 – Sae Arc Start

Junichi encounters a friend of Miya’s who has just transferred to school and begins to spend time with her.


I think Sae’s arc will be fun, but rather predictable. So far it just seems like it’s a simple story of some underclassman which is seen in several other anime. However the big difference here is we’ll actually see how it ends. Plenty of anime have this “Sae” character in them, and they will devote a couple of episodes to them and then move on to the main story for the real girl the anime is about. Unless you play the game there is generally never any actual development for this somewhat common characters. I am quite looking forward to seeing how they deal with her.

It does seem like one of the main things they’ll deal with for Sae’s character is this self-confidence problem she seems to have. That and that she is INCREDIBLY shy. Although it’s common for a character in position to be so, she’s a bit on the extreme side of it. I just hope they also throw in something to do with Miya, as this is the best chance for her to be an obstacle or motivation or something, seeing as how Sae’s her friend.

I didn’t really think the announcer was necessary. I have no idea why it was added for this arc, as the other ones didn’t have it. I didn’t feel like it helped things out and because it was new compared to what the others had, it just felt odd. I hope they don’t’ have too much more of it but I feel that they will throughout the arc.

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