Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 09

Ringo must face her past and makes a wish for the sake of someone close to her.


First of all I’ll say sorry for the late post. Things got incredibly busy the last couple weeks which slowed me down.

It was nice to see a Ringo episode though. This does remind you the series is getting close to being over with solving a major problem for one of the main characters. We finally get to find out why Ringo came to that city and what her painful past was. I can understand her guilt even though it really wasn’t her fault at all. Her mother just took the whole manipulating people to another level with getting into the rich home. It was kind of funny to see Ringo’s mother teaching her how to manipulate at such a young age even giving a cute way of speaking.

Of course there wasn’t a problem with reconciliation since Shirayuki is such a kind person. All that was needed was for Ringo to find the courage to step forward. Naturally it took Shirayuki almost drowning for Ringo to move forward. But in the end it was all fine since their bonds as sisters will remain. Ringo is an amazing person using up her wishes just to support Shirayuki and let her live her life fully. Good thing the principle is such a pervert.

This was an interesting twist on Snow White. It was something to focus on the relationship between the poisoned apple and Snow White. This time the apple woke up the princess instead of making her sleep. Also managed to work in the 3 wishes from a genie and that dream of Ryouko’s was pretty entertaining. Really does wish Ryoushi would turn into a Prince Charming.

Ringo is one of my favourite characters in the series so it’s nice to see her getting a bit of focus.

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