Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ – Midway Impressions

It’s hard to say much on this show. Not necessarily because its bad, but well to a degree it is. However, I don’t really think its bad for the same reason many do. Sure this show is full of this kind of ridiculous set up of slapstick ecchi humor of a guy surrounded by several well endowed woman who fawn over him, the physics of the world are quite marvelous where a single punch seems to disintegrate clothing, however I think all of that for the most part is fine. I’m not saying that a show lie that has the makings to win any anime of the year award, but taking it for what it is, its not horrible in that regard. As long as you don’t expect the show to be this extremely high class philosophical view on life, its fairly enjoyable as long as you know that content is there.

However, my real problem comes from how the show is progressing. I actually think that despite how they go about it, that it has a interesting story to it that they just don’t seem willing to explore. What I mean isn’t that the show itself is great for its plot, but the setting that its in and this idea that there is a battle royale between this species that pairs up with humans is interesting honestly, they just don’t take full potential of it. Not only that, but they just go about exploring that so damn slowly. Half way into this second season they finally seem to start the whole fighting concept. It makes me think back, what the hell was the entire one and half seasons doing if they only actually get into this competition now? That’s why the show is bad, not for the stupid ecchi moments or admirable physics, but because they aren’t doing as much as they could with this. I just hope that now that everyone has been winged, they step things up.

But I’ll say this now, if anything happens to Kuu, I’ll stop watching this show and delete any mention of it having been in my life. Uzume better not f’ing touch her in this coming episode! Musubi, Tsukumi, whatever they can all die horrible deaths for all I care, but Kuu…..god help this show if anything happens to her…

One thought on “Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ – Midway Impressions”

  1. I have to agree that if anyone hurts Kuu it’ll mean instant death and forgetting about the series. I mean come on you can’t let something happen to Kuu. Care a little about the other Sekirei, but still my favorite in the series.

    The fighting really has come along incredibly slowly. They’ve sucked up time with Minato adding to his Sekirei group and haven’t had many fights at all. Finally they are getting somewhere. At the same time there is so much that hasn’t been tapped into. What is the end goal of this Sekirei Project? Will Minato have to force his Sekirei to fight each other since it seems only 1 can win in this Battle Royal?

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