Amagami SS – 08 – Kaoru Arc Finale

Junichi asks Kaoru out on a date for Christmas Eve.


Overall Kaoru’s arc was pretty interesting. It wasn’t anything new or exciting that hasn’t been seen in a romance story before, but it was still done very well. It was pretty much the classic story of two friends becoming more, nothing more than that really. I think its alone in that, as the other stories all seem like they have a bit of a different set up. The other stories all seem to focus on these different and interesting set up and combinations of people, but this one is the only one really that seems to take two characters already extremely close to each other and makes them more.

There are plenty of ways in which this story could have been spiced up. They could have added a lot more drama to it, could have added some angst or confusion, some jealousy or personal drama that the other person helped them overcome, but overly while I may have thought at the beginning a story could benefit from some of that, I’m glad they didn’t really include it too much. Don’t get me wrong, its not that drama in a romance story is bad, as there are plenty examples of it helping things. However this story felt different, it was great in its simplicity. Just a story of two friends, realizing their feelings, and becoming closer and that simple story was great for what it was.

I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t a epilogue like Haruka’s route had, and although I think they could have added one, I can also see why there wasn’t, as it wasn’t as needed as Haruka’s route did. Haruka’s route was a kind of unorthodox courtship between the characters honestly, so when they got together it was a bit different from the norm, and seeing how they wound up was interesting. because them being together hinged on this uniqueness they both had as characters. However, Kaoru’s arc was different. Its not bad, but it seemed to have a bit of a different focus, as I said above its just a classic tale and doesn’t have a story that needed an epilogue.

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