Strike Witches 2 – Midway Impressions

I felt I needed to say something about this show, as its a show I’m watching and have given my initial impressions on but I honestly can’t really think of much. Not because I’m lazy (well, not JUST because I’m lazy) but this show hasn’t done anything in the entire half of this season. Its really a disappointment looking at the first season. The first season was helped by the fact it had content it could draw from introducing characters and their histories, and introducing how the main character got involved in everything but this season can’t draw on that. But that’s not an excuse, without origin stories to deal with this show should have plenty of time to focus on other things, yet its not.

So far, this show is just fluff honestly. They seem to have set up this story about the Neuroi being good but being attacked by the bigger Neuroi, but they haven’t done anything with this new set up. They just have spent time showing these girls half-naked wearing nothing and some very convenient camera angles. However for now, that’s just fine. Honestly the best part about this show, as was the case with the previous season, isn’t the plot or story or anything like that. The show is just generally fun to watch, and that’s why I watch it, because its fun. The characters have this great interaction with each other, and even the fluff that they deal with, being nothing serious, is fun to see. So even though so far this season hasn’t really dealt with any overall plot or story, its been enjoyable and fun to watch and for now and for me, that’s all that matters so I’m very happy with how it has turned out so far.

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  1. I have to agree. Strike Witches 2 is one of those anime series that I look forward to the next episode every week. Even though the show rely heavily on fanservice, and utilize themes that have been used countless times, it still comes out fresh and exciting.

  2. I also do a (periodic) anime blog (“My Anime Fix” via LiveJournal), so I check out certain titles for research. I agree that after the first episode of STRIKE WITCHES 2, we never got into the reason as to WHY they Neuroi destroyed the First Version. We did learn that, so far this season, “the more things change, the more they remain the same”—


    Some episodes are rehashes of scenarios from Season 1 (yea, there’s even a “Cool-n-Breezy” episode that will ***ahem*** “bug” a few people—-although I found it funny). We were even introduced to a couple of “new” witches (one-shots, though), but even their parts amounted to mere cameos. Although, we DO finally get to see Saeko Chiba and Rie Tanaka exercise their “UFO Princess Valkyrie” comedic chops this season–which is a plus (and in the case of a certain episode, downright surprising).

    Now, if only they would’ve focused more on this Neuroi VS. Neuroi scenario and what it means, instead of going all over the place with the usual Neuroi Of The Week.

    Besides all that, I still LOVE this series (it’s a Seiyu-lover’s dream) and HOPE we get a 3rd Season, or maybe a 6-OAV “wrap-up” season somewhere down the line.

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