Amagami SS – 07

Junichi tries to find Kaoru when she disappears from school.


I was actually quite underwhelmed with this episode. So far Kaoru’s arc had been going really well and was quite interesting, but even though they had this new problem to deal with in this episode, it didn’t seem like much happened. First off I figured the bit with her mother could be a much bigger deal, that she was having an affair or something, leaving Kaoru to not really believe in love, or what-have-you. But with her mom being single the drama that it could have caused was diminished a lot. Still, even with that this would have been a great moment for something to really happen, however in the end; this episode didn’t really do anything. At the end of the last episode, they were still pretty much in the exact same position as they are in now. They already both had these feelings that they couldn’t really put a name on, not sure if it was love or something else. That’s the exact same position they left things in here. It just seems like more could have happened, but it didn’t.

I’m not quite sure how it is that they’re going to be pushed out of this “friend” zone they are in. I figured the problem with her mom would have been a much bigger deal, and it would have been the catalyst for something big to happen between the two of them, but it didn’t. It only sparked a tiny bit of talk between them, that didn’t change anything. Now with one episode left they still have a leap they have to make for both of them admitting that what they are feeling is love, and then do something about it. Without the mother thing though, I don’t know what would trigger it other than one of them impulsively asking the other one out on Christmas Eve, which will likely be the case.

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