Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 08

Ryouko’s group must escort a young boy as he searches for a bride.


It’s sad, but my favorite part of the episode was that movie Ringo made. It’s not terrible to pull a switch on people, but I thought the battle against the 3 pigs would have been pretty entertaining. Certainly would have been a nice chance for the Wolf in that story to be the hero. Besides anything that involves a kiss between Ringo and Ryouko is pretty good in my mind.

Instead it was more of a comedy episode focused on a rich kid trying to find a bride. The reality was that the characters went around as the kid’s butler blatantly brought up the positives and negatives of each character type. I kind of wanted Ryoushi to just let the girl’s beat him up since it would have been pretty entertaining to watch. Momoko really got owned by that guy with him proclaiming that her breasts would start to sag in 10 years. While that entertained Ringo and Ryouko they got owned pretty well by his words about flat-chests.

It seemed a safe bet that the little girl following them around would be the future bride of that kid. I really feel bad for Ryouko, Ryoushi, and Ringo for having to run around the school because that kid listened to a rumor. Of course it was still a fairly nice moment when the two cleared things up. Too bad for everyone they had to go through a tough day before that could happen. Part of the blame did lay with the President who left notes for the butler about the potential brides on campus.

The search for brides was pretty funny when it came to jumping into the Railgun and Toradora universes’. I was a bit worried the fabric of reality would be destroyed when for an instant Kuroko and the Narrator crossed paths. Characters voiced by the same VA should never meet.

I think with all the drama surrounding Ryouko’s past it’s not a bad idea to have a comedy episode. It’s pretty safe to assume that the series will end with a battle to resolve that past. It seems like they have enough space to throw a comedy episode out and still be able to give some character development before the end. Too bad though that we missed out on that epic battle. Sure the 3 pigs were kind of creepy, but Ringo sure made the movie epic enough that I wouldn’t have cared.

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