Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 07

Ryouko develops amnesia and Ryoushi learns more about her past.


Well we finally got some more information about what happened between Ryouko and Hitsujikai. I thought it might have been something along those lines. Ryouko was a shy girl who was clearly taken in by Hitsujikai’s charisma and completely trusted him. Hitsujikai took advantage of that and clearly assaulted her to some degree. Of course no one would believe such a likable guy would do something like that. The painful thing for Ryouko would be her own friends not believing her at all. No matter how likable the guy might be not having a soul believing her is shocking. Hitsujikai must have been pretty convincing for anyone to believe a shy girl like Ryouko would make something like that up. The betrayal was bad enough, but being treated like a liar and a sleazy girl must have deeply hurt Ryouko.

I can’t wait for the time where Ryoushi can beat the crap out of Hitsujikai. I do think it might be more fitting for Ryouko to do the damage herself, but some kind of combined effort might be necessary. While Ryoushi was angry Hitsujikai was able to destroy his sling without much effort. It’s no wonder he could become the president of that school if he can manipulate that well and has the strength to back up his words.

The head injury making someone revert to an earlier time isn’t original, but it did help give Ryoushi some insights. He got to see the kind of person that Ryouko was before and Ryoushi found out just how badly she was hurt. I think this was also a big boost to their relationship since Ryouko did remember everything.

I kind of feel bad for the clients since they were abandoned part way through the episode. Still things worked out alright for them so it wasn’t a big deal. They deserve some credit since without them getting Ryouko and Ryoushi out on a date would be pretty tough.

Anyways I think this was an important episode even if some information we got was already hinted at. A big part of this series is the relationship between Ryouko and Ryoushi and this episode did a nice job at developing that.

2 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 07”

  1. I agree that it would be nice to see Hitsujikai get beaten up by Ryouko but that depends on how she develops throughout the rest of the series. Ryoushi clearly provides her with some feeling of strength and confidence seeing as how she was able to calm herself after first seeing Hitsujikai again, knowing Ryoushi was with her.

    I love when Ryoushi has the opportunity to be “manly”, haha.

  2. @blindability
    Yeah it really will depend on Ryouko’s development through the series. Hitsujikai could actually be tough enough that it might take both of them fighting together to beat him which might tie in nicely with Ryouko’s character development. Ryoushi really is important for supporting Ryouko and reminding her that there is someone she can trust and rely on no matter what happens.

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