Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 06

The past between Ringo and Ryouko is revealed and Ryoushi gives another confession.


So now we have the story about how Ringo and Ryouko met and became friends. It’s all thanks to Ryouko overworking herself and being sick at the right time. This episode does remind you how important the bond between them is and how it allowed Ryouko to start trusting people. I can’t think she would have joined the Otogi Bank or even given Ryoushi a chance to get close if it wasn’t for Ringo being there. She needed someone who would force themselves into her life and put up with her harsh front. Besides if it wasn’t for Ringo then Ryouko might have gotten beaten badly by those thugs and ended up in a hospital.

All this does make me wonder about Ringo’s past. She was able to get close to Ryouko because she could see some similarities between them. Something must have happened to Ringo as well to give her that perspective. Though this episode was more about their friendship than what exactly happened to both of them before that. Still I do hope that we can find out more about Ringo as the series goes on. This episode was full of funny moments from Ringo in how she stuck so close to Ryouko. I loved seeing her get a seat change so she could be right beside Ryouko in class.

We did get some more hints about Ryouko and what happened to her. It does seem like she was going out with Hitsujikai and he did something terrible to her. I’m not sure what it was that her friends couldn’t possibly believe her. Although I think their friendship must have been pretty shallow for not even one to believe her. Almost think it had to be something close to a sexual assault for her to be that shaken about it. I’m sure we’ll find out alongside Ryoushi when he finally gets enough trust to be told about it.

I did like how Ryoushi viewed how things currently stand and wants to keep moving forward. He wants to be someone strong enough to protect the person he cares about and there is nothing wrong with that. The confession at the gym was hilarious due to the reactions that came from everyone. He is definitely making some progress though it might still take some time before Ryouko can return his feelings considering she has that trauma from Hitsujikai.

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