Amagami SS – 06

Junichi and Kaoru have a confusing interaction together on the rooftop, making them both wonder about the other.


This episode, with the bit in the library, pretty much follows how Haruka’s route just had the strangest most bizarre things happen in it. The whole kiss on the bellybutton was just like the whole knee thing, it was embarrassing, weird, confusing, and just bizarre. I have a feeling that seeing it with two arcs; we’ll see similar scenarios in other arcs. It’s not the whole kissing thing itself, just the weird embarrassing things that the characters seem to do naturally.

Kaoru does seem to still be in the transition of actually realizing her feelings for Junichi. It doesn’t seem like she’s quite gotten there, being in denial so it seems that eve with the reveal to herself at the end of last episode, she’ll stay in denial like this throughout most o her arc, however it is pretty much to be expected from a tsundere.

I was quite surprised with the bit at the end there with Kaoru’s mom. I figured her whole arc would just focus on the issue of transitioning from friends to a relationship, as honestly that is a big enough topic thy could have easily filled her arc with, especially when one of the characters is as much of a tsundere as Kaoru. However this bit with her mother apparently having an affair certainly does mix things up again. It could be with her dealing of that, or it would go the route of this causing Kaoru to not have faith in relationships and so on. Either way it certainly seems like it will add a lot more drama to what was fairly a light hearted romance story, so I’m interested to see how they will work with that.

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