Amagami SS – 05 – Kaoru Arc Start

Junichi spends time with Kaoru, causing her to realize feelings she may have for him.


Well, the first episode of the Kaoru episode went pretty good. So far there aren’t any huge surprises though. As I said before I pegged Kaoru as a kind of classic tsundere character, not admitting she likes the guy, and hiding her emotion with outbursts. I was a bit surprised to see her almost completely admits to herself at the end that she liked him. Although she hasn’t conformed to the thought, she’s not oblivious to it. Too often they just go about as normal for a long time, simply being embarrassed about things until they realize they like the guy and boom, it’s over. I’m just curious if this arc will have much more after Kaoru admitting to Junichi. The Haruka arc started out quick with the idea of romance eon the table with the confession, but this is the first we’re seeing of an arc not do that so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

It also seems like they are going to play off of this whole being stood up two years ago thing. With Haruka, it was that he talked to her while waiting; with Kaoru she met him on the way back. While it may seem like an innocent thing, right away I think it helped give a better picture of the kind of person Kaoru was. Although she made that joke and jokes around, when she saw his reaction she didn’t say anything to press the issue more, she didn’t joke about it but she also didn’t show pity. She extended a normal gesture to cheer him up and get his mind off it. Something that didn’t shout out obviously she was feeling sorry for him, but something helping him out. I am curious if this will tie into the other girls. I honestly don’t think it’s important we find out who this girl is that stood him up, or why, but still using the event as they are is good. The other girls though, like Sae and Ai I can’t really see much happening with them as far as tying into this past event. Sae, because she is younger and new to the school so it’s very doubtful they would have much interaction before and Ai it seems as though he did indeed meet for the first time at the pool, and I doubt something like that, something like not knowing her would have changed in the time skip

Which does bring me to the time skip issue. Well, it’s not really an issue because I think they did it great. I’m actually quite glad that they didn’t do some whole groundhogs day thing, showing the same beginning but one small change altering everything, as it makes more sense and makes for a believable story to just say this is a random point in time during high school, this is just another story of this series. Now, I would be upset if they changed something in the past, like if he met a girl before in one story but in the other one he had never met her, but so far it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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