Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 04

Ryoushi saves Otsuu who decides to return the favour no matter what.


Well it seems we’ll be diving into the characters of the other members of the Otogi Bank while developing the relationship between Ryoushi and Ryouko. I couldn’t really identify any Fairy Tale elements here though the tragic past of Otsuu isn’t unique in the history of storytelling. There was Hansel and Gretel who are part of the student council, but they weren’t the focus of this episode.

Anyways I was surprised to find out the reason for Otsuu being so obsessed with returning favours. I thought it was just a cute quirk and didn’t give it much thought. After Otohime it was less of a surprise to find out Otsuu also had a difficult history. She seemed like a pretty normal girl until being involved in such a tragic event. Losing a friend like that after being saved would be tough for anyone to handle. In the end she developed a complex from that tragedy and would force herself to repay debts no matter what. While the cast couldn’t completely cure the result from that trauma they did hit home how they felt. It’s fine to help out friends, but a bond that is just about returning favours is pretty weak. I wouldn’t want my friendships to be seen like that either.

It was funny how a situation like having Otsuu serving as a maid would be traumatic for Ryoushi. His own disorder really made it the worst possible combination. Otsuu had to repay him for helping her and yet he would be pushed further into a corner by her efforts.

Ryoushi’s aunt is a pretty interesting character and glad someone is also hitting on Ryouko’s feelings. It’ll take a lot of work before she can admit how her feelings are growing. The start of the episode was hilarious with seeing how far Ryouko would go to get a book like that. She just can’t let down her guard and compromise the image that she is trying to project. Of course Ringo knew everything and again showed that little evil streak of hers. No point trying to hide anything from that girl.

Not a bad episode at all. Got the whole cast dressed up as maids for some laughs and got to find out more about a member of the Bank. I’m sure we’ll get some more episodes focused purely on Ryoushi and Ryouko, but long as they get some focus in the rest of the episodes I’m alright with it.

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  1. This episode was actualy based on the Japanese folktale, Tsuru no Ongaeshi (A Crane’s Repayment). It involves a poor man saving an injured crane and the crane returning in the form of a woman to be his wife, who secretly weaves him beautiful cloth to sell using her own feathers.

    You have to understand that not all the fairytales are Western. There are some Japanese fairytales as well. The next episode is based on the story of Momotaro, a boy who is born from inside a peach and goes off fighting oni.

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