Amagami SS – 04 – Haruka Arc Finale

Junichi works up his courage to ask Haruka out for Christmas Eve.


This episode had, like all others this quality to it where Junichi would just say these huge embarrassing things I almost couldn’t believe he was saying them. It’s interesting that the show in so little time made me care enough about the characters to react to what they are saying. I don’t think this is a Haruka only thing; it’s more like a direction in the writing so I’m sure the whole show will be filled with these moments that just make me roll my head, not being able to believe he just said that. It’s fun.

I was very happy with the way this entire arc finished up. I thought they told the story extremely well considering that when it started it didn’t really seem that she had feelings for the guy. Unlike a lot of other stories told, the girl isn’t already deeply in love with the male lead, they actually showed how it progressed and how she grew to love him. I thought they did that well, she was a very eccentric person, so it was hard to tell when her feelings and moods changed, however that just made it all the more interesting when they did. The main focus of this arc really did seem to be that this was the first time Haruka was feeling love so she didn’t know how to respond to it. Her speech at the end, while it kind of seemed sudden, really wasn’t when you think back on everything. She just didn’t know how to express herself. The entire quality about how they not only developed the characters but the relationship between them was great and I look forward to similar quality in other arcs. I’ve always loved school/romance genre and honestly, from what I’ve seen in this arc, this is shaping into one of the better ones.

I liked the small epilogue they had at the end. One thing that really kind of shows how these two are a perfect couple is how weird they are together, things like the fake detective thing even after being together for ten years shows that, and was great to see that hadn’t faded.

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  1. Have to say I liked this story overall. They just got straight into getting these two together and working a little on their relationship. Maybe the 4 episode per girl idea will work out pretty well. I was a bit surprised by her outburst at the hotel, but I guess it does make sense. We already saw from her chat with Hibiki earlier how she was falling and that there is a lot more going on than what you see on the surface. Thinking about it, Haruka made a good point about no real confession after the second one.

    Was surprised by the epilogue, but definitely liked it. Amazing how they keep that atmosphere between them even after all that time. Somehow I imagine Junichi does that a lot more than he might admit to Hibiki. What’s even more impressive is that Hibiki didn’t even bat an eye at seeing Junichi barge in like that.

    Looking forward to the other arcs since this one turned out pretty nice.

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