Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ – First Impressions

I had to watch a second episode of this show to really get a feeling for how this second season would be. The first season was….odd. It’s one of those ridiculous shows that didn’t necessarily have to be ridiculous. However it seemed to have this tendency to give 90 percent of the characters breasts the size of watermelons, and introduce a physics concept of being punched in the face and having all your clothes turn into shreds. While it can be entertaining to watch, it did get a bit much at times.

However, the show did have some good parts; they just didn’t do anything with them. There were some storylines that were interesting and the general idea of the show, of this battle royale thing could have been good if they took it in another direction. So far the second season doesn’t seem to be doing this, but it doesn’t discount it either.

There are still some good points, the whole deal with Musubi turning into some ancestor doesn’t seem to be forgotten, and the storyline with the guy’s sister is still there, I’m looking forward to seeing how that is handled. Not to mention, Kuu is still as cute as a damn kitten-button. (I combined t he phrase cute as a kitten and cute as a button, because she’s just that damn cute)

I don’t think the show will be anything too spectacular, but I do hope it holds on to some of the better parts amidst the ridiculousness, even if the ridiculousness overshadows the rest.

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