Amagami SS – 03 – Crazy Theories Included

Haruka begins to warm up to Junichi, thinking she may have feelings for him.


This episode did just seem kind of weird with the whole kiss thing. It was just so …odd. I couldn’t believe I was actually watching it. The whole episode though seemed to have a different feel than the previous ones, just filled with these overly embarrassing moments. When everyone was staring at them while they were doing the weird eating thing, while its cute and fun to see these two characters being that close, its just got that overly embarrassing feel to it that was kind of fun.

As multiple comments have informed me, with the show being 24 episodes, and each girl getting a full two episodes for their arc, I feel so much more relieved about the show. I really liked it right off the bat but was concerned for its time constraint, but now I think the show will do great. I do think this is the perfect time to do theorizing if I do say so myself. Now, I haven’t played the game this is based on, so these are my wild accusations from what I’ve seen of the characters so far:

Rihoko is the hardest to figure out, mainly because from what they’ve sown she seems like of like a weird character that is both quirky, yet normal. While weird, as she appears to be, is fun, its hard to have a romantic story with weird because it has nothing to build on, so there’s got to be something else. They’ve shown her several times with diet books, so it could be something to do with self confidence or they could take the opportunity to have her character have some big secret or some big tragedy in her past that she kind of puts on this mask for.

Kaoru is easy, yet hard. She seems to kind of be a classic tsundere/tomboy character from what I’ve seen so far, so while it’s easy to pinpoint what kind of character she is, that kind of character can have several different story motivators. So far, they haven’t really hinted at any in particular. Her story could simply be about spending time together and showing a bit of her dere side.

Ai is tricky because she’s had about 30 seconds of screen time so far, but from what I’ve seen she seems to have a classic cold outwards appearance, sports driven mind of no goofing off and being always serious. Her story could have something to do with perhaps a bit of kindness or a quirky action will kind of surprise her, causing her to break out of that habit and eventually perhaps focus on a motivation for why she works so hard.

Ayatsuji is fairly easy to figure out I think. She’s got the whole class rep thing going for her; however they are kind of already handling the “school idol” archetype of character, which sometimes overlaps with class rep, so her path would have to be slightly different. There was some mention of how hard working she always is and her story could kick off with some appreciation being thrown her way, followed by being helped with her big load of work she has, perhaps about how she doesn’t have much of a life outside of these activities and she is kind of helped out of that.

Sae think will be interesting mainly because of Miya. Sae has this super-shy-underclassman thing going for her so her story is likely to be filled with a lot of issues of having no confidence in herself faced with the guy she likes. But with Miya being her close friend I’m curious to see how that will impact things, if she’ll be an obstacle or if she’ll try and help out Sae with her crush.

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  1. Having read the manga, i REALLY look forward to the Ayatsuji arc.

    Too bad the nii nii route has no arc.

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