Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 03

Otogi Bank helps Otohime in a beauty competition against a person from her past.


I may never think of the tortoise and the hare story the same again after this; an interesting take on this story with a very different view. It would be like if the tortoise and the hare had numerous competitors and were so busy with each other that they were only fighting to not be in last place.

It was interesting though to see Otohime’s past and get a better view of her character since we hadn’t seen much other than throwing herself at Tarou; kind of surprising that she would have that kind of background. I suppose it was tough to know what kind of past she had since we had a limited view of her character so far. Though a pretty fair assessment at how cruel kids can be insulting and dumping the work on the one they don’t like. While Tarou only thinking about girls might be a bit extreme it was pretty positive for Otohime. Memorizing and approaching any girl gave Otohime some hope and the drive to change. While Otohime is pretty possessive it’s clear how much she cares about Tarou and both seem pretty happy overall.

Anyways I didn’t quite know the plan of that President until near the end. I was also thinking about how Otohime was supposed to win if her popularity was being shot down along with Usami’s. I have to say the loli’s in this show sure are brutal characters. Usami had her fake cute act while being a jerk and Ringo can be pretty scary when she gets serious. Love how Ringo was mostly bothered during this episode by Usami moving into her character territory. The face-off at the end between a demon hare and a Red Riding Hood who is armed to the teeth was pretty hilarious. Talk about some killer aura’s between the two of them.

Still I have to say that President is a pretty good guy. He called in all those favors for the sake of Otohime. Instead of actually fulfilling the request he took the action that would mean the most for Otohime. It probably would have been easier to get Otohime the win rather than making sure both she and Usami got no votes. Of course that cross-dressing power of his is pretty scary.

It wasn’t a bad idea to give some depth to the side-characters in the Otogi Bank. There was some small developments with Ryouko getting a vote from Ryoushi in the competition. Not to mention how he actually made a fool of himself like Ringo asked so he could eat some food made by Ryouko. Ryoushi might have his cool moments, but he can be a sad guy as well sometimes.

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