Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu – First Impressions

Well I thought this series would have some problems getting attention if only because of that name. Nothing wrong with making your title into a pun long as you think people will still check it out. The series decided to go with the classic of starting in the middle of the series to leave you utterly confused and then jump pack to the start of the story. Really I don’t think that’s any better than just starting at the beginning.


The key to the series is going to by Ryner who has the magical ability of Alpha Stigma. Pretty much anyone who has seen Naruto can figure out the comparable here. The eye ability lets him analyze spells and repeat them within the same amount of time as his opponents. A pretty handy skill to figure out various spells and wards. From the first episode can understand he’ll be paired up with Ferris who is one impressive swordswoman. Anyone who can cut stone doors in half deserves praise. Although her obsession with dangos and putting Ryner down will make their travels difficult.

What’s clear is that the country of Roland is in pretty sorry shape at the start of the story (not in the first episode). Wars are constantly breaking out and orphans are pretty common. A case where corrupt nobles and rulers don’t really care what happens to anyone long as they keep living prosperous lives. What we can assume is that somehow Sion who is also a main character will lead some kind of rebellion including Ryner that will remove the old rulers and put himself on the throne. How they get from young people in a magic military school to their future positions is the question. You can bet there is going to be a lot of bloodshed along the way.

Anyways the first couple episodes show a peak of what things are going to be like and how they get started. It looks pretty nice and has some solid effects. If they can keep the action up while fitting in some comedy it might just turn out to be a fun series. Of course from the second episode it seems that things might also get pretty dark.

OP Impressions:

Well I thought they had a pretty nice OP for this series. The song is nicely upbeat, but it’s not too cheerful which probably wouldn’t go well with the action type of series this is going to be. The visuals did a good job of showing the various magics that different characters have. It also did a good job of showing how Ryner can be a positive influence or also a major danger to the world.

ED Impressions:

An interesting thought to throw the credits on the ED. Of course interesting would be negative in this case. The ED may be simple visually, but it does take away to have the names thrown in right there. It shows a lot of negativity and characters with sad expressions. Of course this series is likely to have some tragic moments so this might be a pretty fitting ED. The song is fitting with having a sad tone to it.

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