Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 02

Ryouko is drawn into a trap and the Otogi Bank takes action to rescue her.


It might have only been for a few moments, but damn Ryoushi really pulled the bad-ass out in this episode. I was surprised to see him of all people throwing out lines like he was the one who would catch Ryouko. I guess seeing the girl he liked in trouble really just flipped a switch that made him forget about his phobia and everything else. It was nice to see him confident and really living up to his hunter character. I’m also glad his sharpshooting was brought up in this episode instead of being unknown for a while longer. There is nothing wrong with playing up to his strengths which would be his aim. It’s pretty amazing how confident he can be when no one knows where he is. He’s the perfect support since he can keep an eye over events and shoot down whoever is the greatest threat.

So this time we got more information about Ryouko. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her trying to become stronger since its clear something traumatic happened before. Of course completely cutting herself away from others isn’t a good way to go about things either. It’s good there are people like Ringo and Ryoushi who can see deeper and can understand that she isn’t everything that is visible on the surface. I wonder what exactly happened to her though. Was it a case of relying on someone and something happening to them or relying on someone and being betrayed? Either way she must have felt her weakness caused the situation leading to an extreme effort to be stronger and completely self-reliant. Still it was nice to get beneath the surface and see the normal side of her which loves cute things like dogs. I wouldn’t say she’s a weak person inside, but it’s too bad she feels it’s necessary to keep her guard up all the time.

This episode just shows that the problems around aren’t all related to Fairy Tales. This time around someone behind the scenes apparently wanted Ryouko taken down. Of course if you have a grudge against Otogi Bank then taking down their top fighter would certainly weaken their ability to function. Whoever that blond was it would appear they were pretty serious since bringing in those kinds of thugs isn’t something you do on a whim. On that note those guys were pretty low class thugs beating up on a girl who was tied up. Besides it would have gotten pretty bad if the cavalry hadn’t shown up in time.

Of course one can’t mention the episode without discussing the powered-up Neko Neko Knuckles. Adding a stun function just makes them all the more dangerous. Before you just got owned and now you get a taser function with them as well. Well I guess after what happened Ryouko was going to get improved equipment anyways. No chance they can let an important member be targeted like that.

Overall a good episode. It was expected that they would improve Ryoushi and Ryouko’s relationship, but it was still nice to see.

OP Impressions:

I really like the OP for this show. The song really has a good tempo to it and the vocal fits it. Just the kind of song that can get you charged for watching the episode. Besides it does a good job of showing most of the characters while focusing on the important trio of Ryouko, Ringo, and Ryoushi. Has a nice action scene as well which works for me.

ED Impressions:

They really decided to go with something different for the ED. Though I guess since they are spinning up Fairy Tales it kind of fits. It’s kind of funny how the lyrics really clash with the reality of the series. I mean there is nothing for Ringo to worry about with Ryouko. Has a game like feel with the visuals and the music effects. Not a bad way to end an episode I think.

2 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 02”

  1. I think one of the really great things about this show is that Ryoushi isn’t particularly cool – or at least never for very long, haha. But there’s great potential in him and he seems like just the right person to break down Ryouko’s barrier without being an overbearing male protagonist on whom she can immediately depend on and assume a helpless female image.

    The storyline didn’t really grab me, to be honest, but I really liked the animation style and character design (I LOVE Ryouko’s uniform) so I thought I’d watch the first few episodes. So far, I’m really liking it.

    …And I’m glad you’re reviewing it because I’m not, haha.

  2. @blindability
    True, it’s actually not a bad thing that Ryoushi has these uncool qualities to him. He can step up in a crisis, but it’s not like anyone is going to get confused on who the main character is here. Plus it’d be going in the wrong diretion I think to have Ryouko show her weaker side and have Ryoushi turn into a badass. Sure Ryouko has weak moments like any person, but she’s not some helpless girl.

    Yeah can’t say anything bad about Ryouko’s uniform. She makes that look work :).

    Appreciate the series you are covering since I’m not covering that many per episode this season.

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