Amagami SS – 02

Junichi continues to spend time with Haruka despite his recent rejection.


This episode did throw me for a bit of a loop as far as how they’ll handle the whole multiple arc thing. It’s one of the most interesting things about the show, as it’s pretty unique. From how I understand it, each girl will get their own arc where Junichi actually ends up with them. Now, this can’t all happen in the same timeline. He can’t end up with Haruka, then break up and say, “Oh well, on to the next one” There has to be some kind of reset of time, however it’s obvious from this episode that it will take more than two episodes for each girl, has Haruka’s arc clearly isn’t over and it’s been two episodes. Now, either this means there will be a complete time reset, each girl will get three or four episodes, and the series will be longer than 12 episodes or they will handle the time reset differently. I was thinking they would do so even before confirming that Haruka’s arc isn’t over. There are too many things that focus on girls other than Haruka in Haruka’s arc for the time to be completely reset. Meeting Sae, meeting Ai, talking to Rihoko in the library, all minor things but if there really was a complete time reset, they are pointless, as he’d have to spend time with these girls all over again anyways, it’s just taking away from Haruka’s time. Now, if this was a normal show or they are handling the time reset differently, then yes it’s important to give small bits to the other girls while focusing on one. In other words, I don’t know how they will handle the time reset, but from what I see it doesn’t seem like it will reset to before episode one.

Now, as for the episode itself, I’m still very impressed with the show so far. This episode was very interesting to watch, as normally a show doesn’t really focus on two characters spending time together after someone was rejected. It was interesting to see Junichi be with her, and the fact that he didn’t give up is important. It’s likely that he will continue to spend time with her, continue to show her he cares and she’ll fall for him too. While it’s predictable, it still very interesting to watch and not like a lot of other shows. I’m looking forward to more, and on what they do with the other characters.

I’m still curious about Miya’s disproval of Haruka. It seems odd that they would include a bit with her again in this episode if it didn’t’ mean something more. However, her issue seems to not really be with Haruka but the fact that Junichi is just involved with someone. So, whether she’ll show these feelings in other arcs is a question, and also what it will amount to is a big question to, if she’ll actually end up being a hindrance and the issue is something they have to talk about.

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