Strike Witches 2 – First Impressions

When I first watched Strike Witches during the first season, I thought it was quite stupid. Entertaining and fun, but stupid. The fact that these girls weren’t ever wearing any pants seemed like the show would be nothing but ecchi comedy. However it turned out not to be the case, and watching the first episode of this season, while still getting the feeling of how hilarious it was these girls didn’t seem to know that pants existed in the world, made me think positively about the first season, and what’s to come with this one. There was something about seeing the characters that made me smile. It may be a ridiculous situation and the world may have some odd traditions concerning the existence of certain leg clothing, but its fun to watch. Seeing the characters were great, and I look forward to seeing more because the fun of the episode came from their interactions, which I’m looking forward to seeing here.

I am curious as to what kind of overall plot they’ll have, as even the last season had the focus on the Neuroi. Doing the same thing again would be kind of odd, but it does seem like they have this…bigger Neuroi problem they have to deal with, so it may boil down to only that. There is also the letter from Yoshika’s father that could play an important role, though it could be as simple as an upgraded leg-plane thing, as he’s the one who invented them in the first place. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what it is, but honestly as long as they have the same fun interactions between the characters, I don’t care what the plot is because that’s not why I liked the first season, it probably won’t be the reason why I like the second.

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  1. Strike Witches topped with the Hartmann incident. I doubt they’ll be able to surpass that, but at least should try to keep it in the same vein, with a dogfight or two when the budget allows it. Anything except another half assed “dramatic” plot ruining the last episodes again.

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