Mayoi Neko Overrun – Final Impressions

I didn’t quite know what to think going into this series. It just seemed like a filler show I could watch because the season pretty much sucked in terms of good shows to watch for the most part. While this show didn’t turn out to be anything extraordinary, it was still fun to watch, but honestly not something I would watch again. It just seemed like the show had no real focus. There were several times when they could have done something meaningful with some of the episodes, they could have expanded on character’s feelings, or made better use of some weird quirks, but instead they wasted a lot of it on stupid moments. For the most part it’s to be expected from a show like this, but it seemed this had far more than it should have.

I thought they could have done a lot more with Unemori, but in a far different way than they did. She was an extremely annoying character that I found was a bit intrusive to the show, yet she had this quite interesting problem about having no friends, and her father always being away, they could have easily expanded on to make her a more bearable, and interesting character, but they didn’t. I know they wouldn’t ever have anything ground breakingly dramatic in a show that was obviously intended to be comedy, but it still seems they could have done a lot of stuff for the show that they just didn’t.

Overall the show was alright, there were some funny moments and Nozomi was an awesome character, but other than Nozomi, the show didn’t have a lot to offer.

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  1. I think there was too much filler and it was too random, apparently changing the director every episode, so there was very little continuity.

    In fact I wanna check out the original light novels. With interesting characters -I didn’t particularly dislike Chise- and plot, I have a feeling they will turn out better than an anime that unfortunately wasted too much time on robots or pseudo-mahjong games.

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