Amagami SS – 01 – Haruka Arc Start

Junichi starts spending time with school idol Haruka, and tries to develop a relationship.


I was quite impressed with this episode and in what could be further down the road for this show. It seems to be a lot more serious and, well, good than a lot of other shows that deal with romance school setting, even with as many girls as this one has. I’m sure that comes down to the fact they are giving each girl their own arc and not smashing them all together. The show reminds me a lot of KimiKiss. There is something about the way they are handling the stories that is a lot like that show, and it’s good.

The whole concept of the show is very interesting and I’m very excited, and actually quite worried to see how they will pull it off. From what I count, I see six girls that would potentially get their own arc. Now, if they do in fact kind of restart time for each girl’s arc, it means that each girl will only get two episodes to develop, unless the show is more than 12 episodes, which I have no idea if it is. While they did a great job of throwing together a lot of stuff in one episode so far, I was very impressed with how interested I was when he confessed, I still worry if two episodes is enough, especially because if they do indeed kind of reset time they won’t get the previous girls arc to slightly develop them, it will just be those two episodes. Still, I’m not too worried about it, because that first episode just moved so fast but in a great way but it could still be a problem. I guess I’m just used to this huge amount of time to develop a particular character’s story; I’m not used to it going so fast. But Having the main character go from hardly knowing the girl, to spending time with her, to confessing to her, then getting dumped is pretty big for one episode so they could easily pull it off, they just have very little margin of error.

I’m curious about quite a few things with the show. One of the big one is they seem to be placing a big focus on this whole event ht happened two years ago. Is this something he’s going to deal with in each girl’s story, or just one? And what exactly will it entail. Also, Miya’s response to him spending time with Haruka seemed a bit odd. Is she going to be an obstacle like that for everyone? I can see her playing a big part in the Kouhai’s arc, because it showed she was close friends with her.

Anyways, this show has caught my attention in a big way. The first episode was outstanding, they moved through the story at lightning speed, introduced the characters, and had so much happen. With the way they are going to proceed, I feel the show will always be as hard hitting as this and I was very impressed.

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  1. If your worried about how many episodes are there, fear not! The series will be about 24 episodes, with each four episodes focusing on one of the six girls.

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