High School of the Dead – First Impressions

The lives of Takashi and Rei are changed forever with the arrival of a stranger at the school gate.


This series definitely had one heck of a start to it. I mean you know it’s a zombie series and yet it really didn’t disapoint. I think one of the more interesting parts to this series will be the human dynamics as events continue to push the characters to their psychological limits. You have insane moments like the two friends running together and then one kicking the other down the stairs so she could try to keep running. I guess they were really the stereotype of a superficial friendship.

The total panic made sense and yet you knew it was the worse possible thing to do in that kind of situation. Also the last part with Takashi killing Hisashi and then how things continued with Rei was pretty interesting to watch. I could understand her snapping like that since at some level I think Takashi did want to kill Hisashi. Still there was something disturbing about him about to leave and then Rei throwing herself at him so he wouldn’t go. That is going to be a really unstable relationship. Whatever other reasons the fact still is that Takashi lost his best friend and Rei lost her boyfriend. There is potential since Takashi was interested in Rei and Rei did like Takashi, but at some point clearly got tired that he didn’t show it.

Anyways I’m glad that they didn’t hold anything back in terms of the gruesome deaths and the brutal battles against “them.” I mean if this kind of show doesn’t have the danger and violence then it seriously is in trouble. You just knew the one teacher was screwed when he just grabbed the zombie and that the rest were doomed soon after. At that point it was just a matter of time with a few zombies already inside and soon more to be created when the panicked masses ran into them.

The situation was already bad before that one zombie arrived at the school. Obviously he had to come from somewhere which means the city was already in trouble. For whatever reason the school was cut off and not informed at all about what was coming their way. Though I suppose by that one phone call the lines were already overwhelmed long before that attempt was made. Besides the helicopters seen had to come from somewhere which means at least the situation was a few hours old by the time it reached the school. Has to be insane for the characters to have a completely normal morning and before school is even over to have their lives completely turned up-side down.

Should be an entertaining series. They’ve gotten off to a good start and have already used a good variety of weapons. Obviously when fighting these kinds of things you work with what is around. Thus within a school bats, broken brooms, wooden swords (preview), etc are good options. Looking forward to seeing how events unfold with the whole world turning hostile.

OP Impressions:

I thought this was a good OP for the series. They probably overdid the fanservice, but considering it was expected for this show that’s fine. Besides the OP pretty much made clear what this show is going to be about; death, guns, zombies, and fan-service. I think that kind of rock and high tempo song definitely fits for the kind of series this is.

ED Impressions:

It was a pretty simple ED. The start of the song didn’t make me think it was going to be that good, but by the end I was getting into it. Besides if they carry it over into after ED scenes it could be pretty solid. The ED is just a series of pictures, but it shows the clash between the world before the disaster and the current world. You see those two friends posing and remember how they both died. There is even a photo of Takashi and Hisashi just eating which really contrasts with how things were at the very end. Again it’s the kind of song that fits for this type of show.

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