Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 64 [Final]

Ed and Al continue their separate journeys and everyone moves on with their lives.


Well this was a really nice last episode. I think with a series that ran as long as this one did it really is fitting to have an entire episode for the epilogue. Even with all this time you could probably think of ways they could have added more in. Still this was a nice conclusion with getting to see how various characters are doing after that incredible event and how the Elric brothers are moving on with their lives.

It really is a bit strange to see Al walking around with his original body again. Of course it’s what they were fighting for all this time so there is nothing to complain about there. I think it’s fine that Ed ended up still having an automail leg. I mean when you think about it the biggest thing to recover was Al’s body since he couldn’t really live as a human without it. Ed got back his arm and can live alright in that state. Besides gives an excuse for Winry to work on him though their relationship seems to have already surpassed that. I’m sure Al appreciates that his body was recovered when Ed could have used the chance to get his leg back as well. Of course Ed would have never considered doing anything differently.

It’s nice that the two brothers could just walk and talk about fairly normal things like their relationships instead of the need to save the country from destruction. Their bond was really a central part of the series and remains strong right to the end. Also I just liked the reality of Al needing that cane for now since his body has been inactive for so long. He will be fine though since it’s just a matter of building up the muscles.

I liked the visit to Hughes’ wife just to add a bit of completion to that part of events. A lot happened and the loss of Hughes will be remembered by the other characters. It’s interesting how the brothers have to keep journeying although it might just be part of their characters at this point. Although Ed can’t use alchemy anymore he is still part of that world and finding out more will probably help them avoid a terrible situation like the one that happened in Xerxes. While they have their father’s habit of travelling I can see them both settling down at some point. Don’t think either would like a repeat of what Hohenheim went through in not being there while his children were growing up.

I’m relieved that Mustang ended up alright in the end. If he was stuck blind it would just seem overly cruel since he never wanted to open the gate. Besides if he is going to do his part for the country it’ll be necessary for him to see. People just aren’t going to follow a blind fuhrer no matter how wrong that might sound. I don’t think it’s really going against Ed and Al’s thoughts since they could accept that what happened was their own fault, but not what happened to Mustang. Besides it’s just good to see things wrapping up well for the characters. I’m impressed that Mustang was so quick to take action for the Ishbalan people. Although it is probably to be expected since that terrible incident is a key part of who he is.

What did surprise me was Grumman becoming the fuhrer. I guess it makes sense for a stop gap to be someone of a high military rank that could be trusted. What does make me wonder is who would take the role after him. The series didn’t really say anything since that one photo with Mustang (and that terrible mustache) only hint that he might have taken the position. In the end between him and Armstrong I’d prefer Mustang to get the position and think he would have public sentiment on his side after all that happened. Nice that Scar is also going to continue atoning for his own actions and do his best for his people. I’m kind of worried about Selim, but think things will work out alright. Pride has a fresh chance and should be allowed to live long as he doesn’t revert to who he used to be.

I’m sure Ling will handle his role as Emperor well. He really gained a lot through this series and I can’t see him faltering. Ran Fan will be by his side no matter what and things should work out for the two of them. I think it’s alright that Mei didn’t end up getting the stone since it would give her more freedom to end up with Al in the end. Besides her family and the other clans would be protected by Ling. All the experiences really taught Ling about the kind of emperor he wanted to be and what his responsibilities were. It wasn’t just about saving his clan, but protecting his people.

Of course can’t forget about Ed and Winry. I have to say that confession/proposal was really fitting for Ed. He really couldn’t help but bring equivalent exchange into it. I guess since his life has been so connected to alchemy that’s to be expected. Still Winry responded great with destroying equivalent exchange and offering all of her. Of course she then bartered it down to 85% which is still a pretty solid amount. It was hilarious and touching at the same time. It’s too bad he went on that journey alone, but obviously he made it back at some point. This might not have been a series about romance, but having these two end up together really feels satisfying. Plus from the last picture they showed it’s clear that things turned out just fine. Once again a positive for Ed is that he is now taller than Winry. It just reflects the physical change that occurred from the start to the end of the show.

Maybe one thing I would have liked was the brother’s visiting Hohenheim’s grave once. I suppose they wrapped things up nicely for Hohenheim in the last episode so they just didn’t want to jump back again. Still I feel for the brother’s even though they probably understood that he didn’t have much left.

Final Words:

This truly has been a great journey. For anyone that also followed the original series the journey is just that much longer. While I didn’t completely dislike the previous series I think it was good to actually show the manga version of it. The ending and movie really left a bad taste in my mouth that affected my view on the series. Things just worked out much better in this version and it all really fit nicely. It was definitely worth watching this show just to see a grand story being told. There were so many characters and yet they were brought together in a nice story. The main characters were obviously Ed and Al, but the others were really strong factors as well. It really felt like the brother’s were just a part of the much bigger picture and yet you still felt for their struggles.

There were so many great characters in this show. I really was a fan of Mustang since he had some great moments in the series. The battles against Lust and Envy were just amazing to watch. Of course I also liked Hawkeye and could feel for what they had gone through in their lives. Even the villains were enjoyable with Pride, Envy, and Wrath having great personalities. Kimblee was a great villain himself having his strong views and willing to go so far for them. We also had characters switching sides with Greed and Scar helping the good guys out. Scar’s character was pretty interesting since I really did dislike him when we found out about Winry’s parents. While I can’t let go of what he did it’s nice to see a character go from an enemy to someone who will be spending his life to atone for what he did. I could probably spend all day talking about the great characters in this series. Simply put there were a lot of likable characters and quite a variety of them. It’s pretty amazing to see such a diverse group worked together and getting all their stories told.

Still this show was primarily about the Elric brothers and I think their story was told well. They went through a lot and it wasn’t just about getting their bodies back. They learned a lot and experienced painful losses. The death of Hughes and Nina stayed with them for the whole series. They found so many people who cared about them and who would do whatever they could to help.

I liked how the series managed to work in humor and yet still tell a series story when the time was right. I think when serious events are unfolding it’s good to have a laugh if only to break the tension a little.

It’s been a great journey to follow this show and discuss my views about it. I really got caught up with the characters and cared about what happened to them. What I do like is how there wasn’t a sense of absolute safety for everyone since otherwise it’d be hard to worry about what might happen down the road. The music was handled nicely and I really liked each and every OP/ED that the series came out with.

While the show is over apparently there is another movie coming out. I hope it isn’t just a recap since those aren’t that interesting to check out. It might be nice to have a movie covering the time between the end of the series and when those photographs were taken. Whether there is new material or not I’m glad to have watched this show. It really was its own series and told a great story.

I don’t quite like giving perfect scores since I think everything can be improved in some ways. But if it’s about how good a show is I think Brotherhood deserves the 10/10. The music, characters, and plot were all great. This is a show that should be recommended to others.

3 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 64 [Final]”

  1. I do say I really enjoyed that ending! Yet whilst talking with my friends decided it did need a kiss at the end, (I hate kiss scenes I really do) yet Ed and Winry really should of! Even a quick one :P

    Another thing we mentioned was that Havoc should of gotten a girlfriend! It’s not fair he doesn’t get one!

    If you think about it, the movie should be Ed and Al’s adventure to Xing (was it?) That’s where they were both headed.

    I am curious what you think is with the circle on Selims head, it’s most likely from him
    being Homumculus and all yet it wasn’t there before and he would look better without it :)

  2. cant wait for the movie. i just dont see how the movie will be good if edward lost his alchemy still, looking forward to it

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