Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 01

Ryoushi confesses to Ryouko and works to join the Otogi Bank.


I think this episode had an alright start. I’m sure that like Angel Beats some of people’s first thoughts will be in comparing it to another series. Like Yuri from Angel Beats looked like Haruhi you have Ryouko who looks like an older Taiga. To be honest I think people can get carried away with these comparisons and not actually look at the characters. I do wonder at times whether these similarities are accidental or people are trying to draw in fans by doing it.

I think enjoying this series will depend partly on whether you like Arai Satomi. She will be well remembered for her role as Kuroko in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. That voice can either be annoying or enjoyable depending on who you are. I did end up laughing at the puns and how much she annoyed the lead girls. Probably not a good idea to point out they are flat-chested when one can beat up most in a straight up fight. Though I do hope that they don’t end up constantly making the same jokes about the girl’s not offering much in fan-service. The same joke can be funny a few times, but it can get tiring if they play it up for the whole series. It is fun at times to have a narrator that the cast can interact with.

This episode was good at introducing the main characters and getting us used to their quirks. When it comes to quirks no one can beat Ryoushi. I mean wow that guy has a debilitating syndrome. It’s not something unusual in the world so it’s somewhat interesting to fit that kind of character into things. Still I’m sure many will have trouble getting used to him since he freaks out when given attention. I am impressed at him being able to step forward and confess since people with less serious issues can go for a long time without saying anything. Also I’m kind of curious about what happened that caused Ryoushi to fall for Ryouko. Certainly it’s not unusual to fall for someone who has the qualities that you lack. Of course someone might want to tell him that referring to the girl you like as “manly.” It’s best to focus on characteristics that she might be proud of; Though she did leave before he was finished so he probably had some better things to say. I’m curious to see if he can get past his phobia as the series moves on.

Ryouko is an alright character so far. She can fight pretty well and you have to love those neko knuckles. She is a tsundere, but not too rough of one. Plus she is pretty strong in her views and some of them can’t be argued against. While we know Ryoushi interfered with the guy who had the knife she doesn’t know it. Not being able to trust someone that wouldn’t do anything while you were in danger is kind of understandable. I’m looking forward to how she gets along with Ryoushi now that he jumped in as her shield.

I’m enjoying the spin on the fairy tales also. It’s pretty interesting to see the trio of wolf, Red Riding Hood, and the hunter interacting here. I mean having Red Riding Hood trying to set up the hunter and wolf is pretty hilarious. Not to mention the spin on the Cinderella story was pretty fun as well. I mean they turned the prince into this masochist who figured out who the girl was by having them kick him. Even after he knew who it was he actually had the girl kick him in the face a few more times. It should be entertaining to see what other stories get told during the course of the show.

Anyways I think this show had a very good beginning. This should be a good light-hearted story to follow. Also if we learned anything from the first episode is that Ryouko’s outfit was really designed to draw focus to her thighs. Of course from a tactical sense it certainly offers freedom of movement.

I’ll have my thoughts about the OP/ED when both are available in the next episode.

3 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – 01”

  1. Well, when you have such fantastic thighs, it’s just a shame to hide them, haha.

    Haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to review this for Bokutachi. I have yet to see the first episode (blame it on a bad schedule and poor internet connection) too…

  2. Arai Satomi as the narrator was the reason I picked this one up (that and that J.C. Staff are behind it). I think it is an awesome voice for a fairy tale atmosphere (it reminds me of an old witch).

  3. @blindability
    Might as well show off your assets I guess :). But yeah I did notice quite a few comments around focused on that aspect of Ryouko.

    If you do decide to pick this one up look forward to seeing your thoughts on the episodes. From first impressions it should be a pretty nice series. Expect some laughs, a narrator who gets a little to involved, and the growing relationship of the main pair. Can understand the internet connection issues.

    I have to admit hearing her voice in the trailer was one reason I planned on checking this series out. Though I half expected at times for Kuroko to actually show up in the episode. Arai Satomi should keep things interesting with her narration.

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