Working!! – Final Impressions

I think the second half of this series was pretty interesting. I didn’t expect the focus to be so much on the relationship between Inami and Souta. Things really developed between them although they aren’t really going out at this point. The key is that Inami completely became honest with her feelings toward Souta. While she hasn’t been able to tell him how she feels it’s incredibly obvious to the entire staff. Souta on the other hand only started to think about Inami and is unable to understand why he cares about her considering she isn’t tiny. Their relationship has been interesting to follow since there have been key events.


The biggest thing that stuck with me in this series was Inami’s father. So often we have girl’s who attack guys and have very little reason for it. With Inami the series has been so focused on pointing out that she doesn’t want to be like that and she has suffered from her condition. We finally found out why she was like that when meeting her father. It wasn’t something simple like telling a scary story. The man literally brainwashed his own daughter to fear men. He read her stories, showed her movies, and just gave her gifts that would emphasize how scary men are. I’m sure he had her going to girl’s only schools before her phobia had fully stuck. It didn’t even stop there with him actually putting weights in her posessions to increase her strength gradually and thus giving her insane power. I was so happy when Souta told that guy off since he really is one of the worst parents I’ve seen. He was so obsessed about keeping his daughter single that he damaged her mentally.

There were slight changes with the other staff through the series. I think Satou and Yachiyo actually have more of a chance now than at the start of the series. An important moment was when Satou said he would eventually leave the store and move on. It was pretty unsettling for her to lose his presence. While I think it might be fine if nothing happens due to Satou’s discomfort over liking Yachiyo.

The biggest character change was the arrival of Yamada. At the start I wasn’t sure what to expect from this girl. But she was hilarious with living in the restaurant and creating chaos. She provided the items for Souta’s cross-dressing which happened a couple times. I felt bad for the guy since the cross-dressing has been a trauma of his past. Yamada was fun and she actually put pressure on Souma who usually has so much control. Inami and Yamada are weaknesses that guy can’t fully control.

Final Words:

I have to say this series has been incredibly fun. I expected this to be a kind of fun series and it delivered in that respect. What I didn’t see coming was the focus on romance that I only expected very slight hints at. Inami and Souta just took over the series at times and that was fine by me since I really liked Inami’s character. For a comedy slice of life series it really gave depth to Inami’s character and what she had to endure.

The series was also good at getting people out of the store at times. For a show with a hot springs episode it was hilarious at how little fan-service there was. Really the only thing we saw was the foot bath since Inami was the focus and she can’t get into crowds.

They managed to keep the show interesting despite it being about a family restaurant. The characters had some character growth and had interesting quirks. Things did change over the time that Souta spent at the restaurant and bonds were made. Of course the group will eventually go their own ways, but I can kind of see some of them staying close.

Overall I enjoyed following this series. It was just a show I could watch without thinking about complicated plots. Some series are just fun and this is one of them. Though I think the enjoyment of it depends on whether you like Souta and Inami. For better or worse they were a main focus of the series.

I’ll say this series was 8/10.

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  1. *coughs* 4 and a half volumes done, 4 volumes more of untapped material, and a few Chapters skipped since they didn’t focus on Inami x Takanashi. *coughs*

    For comparison, the second season of K-On! is working with just its 4th volume.

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